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If you are planning to develop a mobile application to attain digital audience for your business, you are a step ahead of your competitors. However, there remains an apprehension always whether the app will be successful or not. To counter this trepidation and lower the factors of risk, you can rely on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It will help you evaluate the risks and threats before giving your million dollar idea its life. MVP is an excellent asset for startups to test the idea with end customers. It is the base architecture to validate your idea, before launching it to market.

Why is MVP for Mobile App Development Necessary?

With increasing competition, the MVP for mobile app development is becoming significantly important. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits offered by MVP:

  • Fastest and the most accurate way to receive user reviews about your idea.
  • It helps to focus on only implementing the features desired by users and help in enhancing the user experience.
  • The major function of the MVP is to emphasize on the primary app idea and key features. It offers adequate value to get the highest possible number of customers within the shortest duration of time.MVP helps to evaluate the performance of the app.
  • The MVP serves as a handy tool to evaluate and rate the performance of an app. It helps the developer to ensure whether they are moving in the right direction or making the best use of the latest technology trends while creating an app.MVP Enables to Better Deal with the Security Issues.
  • Today, the app security has become the top most priority, more specifically if the app has an inbuilt payment feature. The MVP helps to identify the security loopholes and fix them beforehand. If the app is bug-free right from the beginning, it increases the conversion rate of your app and allows users to navigate through the app hassle-free.Developing the Improved Version of an App.

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Building MVP you can ensure the performance of your prototype and it also helps in determining whether the app is able to build traction in the market or not. If not, then you can redesign it and create a better version of your mobile app.

Successful Mobile Applications From MVP

1. Instagram

Instagram’s MVP version only enabled users to post photos, add filters, and share them with pals. An MVP considers both the platform and the feature set of an app. When it first debuted, Instagram was exclusively available on iOS; an Android version wasn’t made public until almost two years later.

2. DropBox

In the instance of Dropbox, Houston tested his theory that users desired a file-sharing program that “simply works like magic” by creating a movie as a minimal viable product. The crowds of people registering successfully supported his theory.

3. Facebook

The concept for Facebook emerged only after the creation of Facemash by Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz. Users were prompted to select the “hot” student from a set of side-by-side images of pupils on the website. The narrative of Facemash is portrayed rather faithfully.

4. Uber

Uber’s MVP consisted of a basic ride-hailing app and a fleet of several dozen limos positioned throughout San Francisco and were paid by Uber to wait for app users. Uber required the app for a passenger to be connected to a limo. The Uber MVP completed the task for the customer.

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5. Airbnb

Two freshly relocated product designers, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia faced a challenge in late 2007: they needed assistance with their rent. The living room of their flat had some additional space, at least enough to accommodate a few air mattresses. They identified that It was tough and pricey to acquire a hotel room in a place where conferences were frequent and well attended, and at least a few people would be ready to pay and stay.

There were no significant online features or alternatives to choose from a variety of dates, locations, or prices in their MVP (minimum viable product). They targeted a particular group: attendees of a single sold-out tech conference. They didn’t need to provide alternative solutions to support this apparent presumption. Not all the use cases were supposed to be considered. All they had to do was ensure enough customers were interested in renting what they had to offer. They could locate three, each willing to pay $80 each night.


The giants like Uber, Instagram, Facebook and more are the best examples of how the Minimum Viable Product can make the mobile app development successful for your business. So, if you are planning to hire mobile app developers, don’t miss on building the MVP for mobile app development to ensure scalability and greater user retention for your app.

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