Parameters Flutter Swift
Language Type Static Static
Open-Source Yes Yes
Cross Platform Compatibility Yes No
Type of Programming Language Object-Oriented Object-Oriented as well as has Functional Elements
UI Builders Flutter UI Toolkit Swift UI
IDE Used Visual Code, Android Studio, IntelliJ Xcode
UI Paradigm Used Declarative Declarative
Multi-Threading Async/Await + Combine/td>

Futures + Streams
Accessibility Supports accessibility for external tools In-built accessibility support for iOS apps
Development Time Fast Relatively Slower
Learning Curve Easy because of the Dart Language Easier Learning Curve due to the detailed documentation
Reloading Realtime changes are possible Has Hot Reloading feature that allows making Realtime Changes
Testing In-built Testing Support Native Testing Tools like XCTest help in Testing
Application Size Large Flexible
Integration Nevercode Tool Jenkins Tool