Why Large Scale Enterprise Applications Are Shifting To NodeJS

How about using NodeJS for this project? We get asked this a lot. When a client asks this question, means he wanted to make sure that if the technology is enterprise ready and game changing to get started with. The client is interested in knowing the greatness about the community and the benefits of choosing NodeJS over other Java Scripts.

I am writing this post to give you an over about the current state of NodeJS and what are the benefits of using it.

Current State Of Nodejs

Here’s a review of NodeJS relevance in the industry, let’s have a look at some statical data.

Google Trends

I like Google trend as it shows how a particular keyword, subject and phrases have been queried over a specific period of time. It’s also a nice way to identify the significance of a given topic exclusively when correlated with other terms which in this case act as a baseline.

Indeed Job Trends

Another robust indicator of relevance is Indeed Job Trends as it shows the relative growth in a given skill and numbers of job postings over the time period.



This chart compares the growth, not an actual number of job offerings as we all know that Java still rules it all. So the above chart tells us that NodeJS has the highest growth rate compared to other technologies.

Big Brands Using NodeJS


Usually, startups go with the latest available technology as their willingness, embraces the experiments at the given time. However, here the scenario is different, as you can see, big established organizations with years of legacy software are shifting toNodeJS. It obviously seems uncommon and it is unbelievable to understand the reason, thus lets have a look what the enterprises say about it.

Enterprise NodeJS Adoption


NASA has adopted NodeJS to build the present and future systems supporting spaceship operations and development.” – It was recently tweeted by Collin Estes – Director of Software Technologies of the Space Agency.


What Entrepreneurs Say


what-entrepreneurs-say -paypal


The NodeJS application was developed almost twice with fewer people. The code is one third less in lines and 40% fewer files.In the comparison of previous Java based application.




Single-threading, complete control, I/O operations, not blocking I/O along with speed and simplicity, performance as well as scalability are some of the few factors that company considers as advantages.




In the comparison of above version, the present app is 20 times faster and user friendly as their servers cut from 30 to 3. The development was itself unusual fast.

Do you think,you need more conviction, why NodeJS? The name of the above organizations and their adoption clearly states that NodeJS is here to stay for long. NodeJS has helped numbers of organizations with their productivity and developers with the desirable result.

If you are wondering, why you should embrace NodeJS and how it can be a game change for your business, let’s hear it from our NodeJS expert.


Wrapping Up

So, did you get the exact reason why you should hire NodeJS developer as your next web or mobile application development platform? If yes, hire NodeJS developers from Bacancy Technology! In case of query or question react out to me on Twitter anytime @BacancyTech or you can also drop us an email at solutions@bacancytechnology.com to get an ongoing support from us. Feel free to contact us.

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