Parameter Django Laravel
Developed By Adrian Holovaty, Simon Willison Taylor Otwell
Speed Fast Comparatively Slow
Language Python PHP
Architecture Used MVT MVC
APIs Support Doesn’t have inbuilt API support and requires additional libraries to build APIs Has built-in API support. Additional libraries are not included to create Rest APIs.
Learning Curve Easy Relatively Complex
Routing Difficult Simple
Time Needed for Development Less Time Needed Comparatively More Time Needed
License 3-Clause BSD MIT
Scalability Django inherits Scalability from Python, which is highly scalable and works well with AI, and ML-based applications. Laravel also has good scaling capabilities inherited from PHP that support horizontal scaling but is less flexible than Python in responding to growing demands.
Microservices compatibility Highly compatible with microservices and enables rapid deployment, versatility, and built-in security. Due to PHP, Laravel also provides support for microservices, but you have to use Lumen, a lighter version of Laravel.
Database support Has MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and SQLite database support Has MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, and SQLite database support
Community The extensive Community has 103k+ members on Reddit and 66.9k+ stars with 28k+ forks on GitHub. Huge Community with 70k+ artisans on Reddit and 71.2k+ stars with 23k+ forks on GitHub.