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This blog post will provide valuable insights on why use Ruby on Rails for back-end app development. We will cover the benefits of using RoR, the types of projects suitable, popular RoR combinations, and apps you can build with the same.

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Ruby on Rails is a widely adopted and one of the most-popular back-end web frameworks written in the Ruby programming language. It follows MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and has an MIT license. With Ruby on Rails, you get a comprehensive MVC framework that serves as a seamless starting point for web development with reliable database solutions like MySQL.

RoR’s compatibility with standards such as JSON or XML allows for smooth data transfer through front-end languages, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, resulting in excellent user interface. Its cost-effectiveness makes it a favorable choice for individuals or organizations with restricted financial resources. Its versatility makes it suitable for various business categories, including social networking sites, stock exchange websites, E-commerce platforms, SaaS, etc.

So, if you are wondering why use Ruby on Rails for your next project, rest assured it offers powerful and efficient web development capabilities, making it a wise and reliable choice for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Currently, there are 3,759,380 websites built with Ruby on Rails, as per statistics. So far, Github has 53.2k stars and 21.2k forks, which shows the strong community of this language.

Why Use Ruby on Rails: RoR Web Application Architecture

The Ruby on Rails web application architecture is divided into three sections mentioned below:

1. Model

In Ruby on Rails, the “ Model” represents the foundation of the application. It is responsible for managing the rules and logic of the app, handling data storage, and interacting with other parts of the database system. It acts as the backbone that supports the entire functioning and data management of the application.

2. View

This part of the architecture displays the data to the end user. In Ruby on Rails, the “View” is typically represented by HTML files that handle the user interface and present the data retrieved from the database.

3. Controller

The Controller handles the process of requests generated from the browser. It manages both Model and View and works as a mediator between both. Its primary role is to transfer data from Model to View to display data successfully.

Why Use Ruby On Rails: Top 7 Reasons

Here, we will focus on understanding why product owners highly prefer Ruby on Rails and explore the top reasons (advantages) for using RoR to gain insights into why it is their top choice.

Ruby on Rails reduces the time required for development compared to other widely-used web frameworks. It allows entrepreneurs to get their MVPs up and running online in a remarkably shorter time. The fast speed of Ruby on Rails can be credited to its object-oriented nature, streamlined code base, modular design, extensive open-source code contributed by the Rails community, and a variety of ready-to-use plugins for adding features.

So let’s understand the benefits:


For a business owner, the simplicity of Ruby on Rails is a valuable asset for web development projects. Its easy-to-understand code syntax allows teams to work efficiently, leading to faster project delivery, reduced maintenance efforts, and a shorter learning curve for new developers on your team. RoR’s simplicity contributes to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness, which helps achieve successful outcomes for your business.

Ruby on Rails Security

Security for web development plays a major role in the success and reputation of every business. In today’s digital age, where data breaches and cyber-attacks are prevalent, protecting customer information is of utmost importance. When you opt for Ruby on Rails, you choose a framework known for its robust security features. RoR protects both the server-side and client-side for web applications without you having to worry about any customer data leak.

The built-in password and credit card encryption in RoR helps you to maintain the privacy of any sensitive information reducing the risk of major data breaches. Additionally, Ruby on Rails provides defense against common security vulnerabilities like SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and XSS attacks, further enhancing your web application development.


Ruby on Rails is an excellent web development framework that allows you to build high-traffic applications that can scale effectively. Its robust MVC architecture makes it easy to add more servers horizontally and vertically as your traffic increases. It also has a large community of developers contributing to its development, ensuring the code is well-tested and reliable. For business owners aiming to scale their applications, it is a valuable resource.

Swift Development / Less Coding

Unlike other languages, Ruby and Rails have a built-in environment, streamlining the development experience. The framework’s intuitive and expressive syntax allows developers to achieve more with less code, which means faster development cycles and reduced chances of errors, saving time and resources. While coding can be very complex and tedious, all thanks to Ruby on Rails for combating this issue, making it a valuable asset for your business.

Generators / Modules / Engine / Gems

Ruby on Rails provides a big advantage with its modules and ROR Gems. With an abundance of these gems, you have a ready-made solution for practically every additional feature you wish to implement in your web application. The power of Rails generators, modules, and gems is the driving force for faster development. With the help of these tools, you can expedite the development process achieving faster results compared to other technologies. This efficiency gives you a competitive edge, enabling you to swiftly bring your product to market and effectively cater to your users’ needs. Here is a list of the top RoR Gems you should undoubtedly use in your Rails app development.

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Easy Automated Testing Tools (Integrated and External Both)

In Rails, a built-in testing feature keeps testing your code as you progress with development. You do not need to test your codes now and then using external plugins or third-party testing tools to check if you are on the correct track. It saves you time and effort, resulting in a robust and as-required application. This is a dream come true for entrepreneurs as it streamlines the workflows and gives them peace of mind knowing their product will be bug-free and tested.

Agile Project Development

Ruby on Rails brings significant advantages to agile product development. A major advantage is the capability to make necessary changes swiftly while maintaining code quality. This flexibility enables rapid adjustments based on market feedback and evolving business requirements. It also speeds up the development cycle, allowing your projects to progress faster.

ROR also offers valuable features that automatically document the entire development process. As a business owner having clear documentation throughout the project ensures better project management and helps you to stay informed about the progress.

Also, check out for more detailed information on what makes Ruby on Rails the preferred choice of product owners for app development.

What is Ruby On Rails Used For: Apps Built with ROR

There are various web apps built with Ruby on Rails. Below are the few popular categories that most business owners prefer leveraging the expertise of Ruby on Rails.

Types on Apps Built with Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails For MVP

MVP saves a lot of development costs and is compatible with matching the market trends to increase the product’s reach digitally. Ruby on Rails has provided tremendous security and flexibility to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) applications.

MVP is the most cost-effective approach for startups to bring their presence digitally through their applications. Thanks to Ruby on Rails, MVP can be built 30 to 40 percent faster than other application types.

Health Care Application

An application must provide correct data for developing healthcare applications whenever required. Ruby on Rails is great for building fast healthcare applications because it has a lot of helpful libraries and a precise code base. It provides quick testing support and ease of combination, making it an ideal choice for creating healthcare applications.

Cross-Platform Applications

Ruby on Rails is widely favored as the go-to choice for back-end and web app servers. While it is commonly used for web development, it is also an excellent choice for Ruby on Rails mobile app development. Its versatility across platforms makes it a preferred choice for businesses looking to create applications catering to web and mobile users.

Ecommerce Application

When it comes to e-commerce or marketplace app development, Ruby on Rails has the best ecosystem that helps in developing successful, scalable e-commerce applications.

Here is a proven case study: Why Use Ruby on Rails for eCommerce Project? Read more to find out why it is the perfect choice for Ecommerce applications.

Fintech Application

For business owners in the Fintech Industry seeking clarity or enough information using Ruby on Rails, it proves to be a highly capable framework. Ruby on Rails can handle the challenges in developing Fintech applications. Moreover, it provides a scalable market-ready application at a minimal cost which can help startups enter the Fintech industry. You can also use this combination to build different types of businesses, like SaaS applications and social networking sites.

Read more on how using Ruby on Rails for Fintech app can accelerate your business and surpass your competitors.

Cyber Security Applications

Ruby on Rails for cyber security app development is a top choice due to its security by default nature and robust features. It has security-focused libraries, parameter sanitization, and CSRF protection to enhance application security. The framework’s session management and secure cookie handling safeguards against session hijacking and data tampering. With token-based authentication and the flexibility to build various cybersecurity apps, ROR is a top choice for secure and reliable solutions.

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Best Front-End Frameworks To Use With Ruby On Rails Apps

Let’s look at the top three Ruby on Rails combinations that can help develop a successful full-stack development.

Popular ROR Combinations

1. Angular with Ruby on Rails

Angular is a Google-developed open-source JavaScript MVC framework suitable for developing Single Page Applications (SPA). Using Angular serves various advantages, including ease of development, dynamic data binding, and speedy and responsive applications.

You gain multiple advantages when you use Angular for the front end and Rails for the back end. Some of these include:

  • Separate Front-End and Back-End layers:

If you want a user-friendly front-end development with CRUD REST API and an engaging client-side framework for your browser, combining Angular with Ruby on Rails is the best option. Full-stack Developers keep the front-end and back-end layers apart, looking at Angular’s MVC architecture. The application, thus, is extensive or reusable as it does not require synchronization or linking.

  • Purpose-built tools:

The combination of Ruby on Rails and Angular is phenomenal. The Rails framework provides excellent and robust server APIs, and Angular is a master tool that develops client-side applications to be more precise. While you combine both, Angular builds the user interface, and Rails takes care of all the back-end chores that comprise ORM, cache, database connectivity, and business logic. In general, you will require API endpoints to access data from the data center. However, with Rails, your API stays unaltered; thus, you are free to use them individually and independently.

  • Low development time:

The RoR framework simplifies the developer’s task by featuring the convention over configuration approach. It encourages simple, concise code development, which helps developers to work on their projects more easily. The Rails pipeline streamlines processes such as minification, concatenation, and organization of JavaScript. Here, Angular lowers the app’s response time, and the API back-end of Rails assists all your compelling business logic.

2. ReactJS + Ruby on Rails(RoR)

The brilliant combination of Ruby on Rails with ReactJS has excellent benefits for boosting the strength of your business. Below is a list of accomplishments you get on pairing ReactJS with Ruby on Rails.

  • Low server response time:

By combining ReactJS and Ruby on Rails, the superpower produced can help you reduce your app or site’s response time to a vast extent. An online supplement store HVMN is an excellent example of this full-stack combination. They have updated their system to this combination of ReactJs and Ruby on Rails, which has brought 90% improvements in their app response time. To summarize, using this will enhance the user experience and increase conversions.

  • Cut down on memory usage:

Egghead.io is an excellent online technology learning platform that faces timeouts each hour. Being unaware of this issue, they switched to the combination of ReactJs and Ruby on Rails. Consequently, they noticed significant improvements in their response time and memory usage.

  • Quality, speed of development, and business model:

If you are concerned about developing your application for the market, you can never go wrong with ReactJS and Ruby on Rails combination. It offers the fastest development speed. Along with it, you get a freemium business model as well.

  • Low learning curve:

The pair-up of ReactJs and RoR offers a low learning curve so you can achieve your prototype in no time! With RoR, your MVP development is going to be excellent.

  • Stability:

With RoR, you achieve vast community support for any gems suitable to your requirements. Moreover, your APIs remain unchanged as Facebook gives React, and there’s no need to define the Facebook community. Consequently, you can obtain a firm release for your enterprise app.

3. Vue.JS + Rails

This combination of Ruby on Rails with Vue is a deadly combination of back and front end. With Vue.js, developers can build testable and manageable code. Moreover, it eases two-way communication and provides high flexibility. Besides being highly reactive, it features detailed documentation and an accessible structure. In such a case, Rails will be the most suitable back-end for the Vue.js app as it offers the smallest things you require in an application, including email, web sockets, ORM, etc. Here are a few benefits:

  • Engaging app/animation:

It is more likely that users will stay in your app for a prolonged period if your app view is attractive and inviting. To make your site interactive, you can add animations. While using Vue.js in the front end, you achieve an outstanding and flexible API with composable architecture, allowing for a smooth transition between your app views. Moreover, Vue provides in-build components with CSS animations that help you create interactive animations for a web app.

  • MVP:

With the inbuilt templates and reusable components of Vue.js, front-end developers can fasten the launching process. Comparing React and Angular, Vue.js performs faster in terms of delivering applications.

  • Seamless integration:

If you wish to build SPAs or integrate your app with the present server-rendered multi-page app, you can never go wrong with Vue.js.

Why is RoR Still the Preferred Choice in 2023?

Ruby on Rails is a game-changer for startups, thanks to the Ruby programming language’s flexibility and exceptional features. With Rails, startups can achieve remarkable progress in a fraction of the time. RoR has an incredible impact on the startup ecosystem and is still a preferred choice due to the scalability, reliability, and security it brings to app development. However, RoR is facing a lot of criticism, and below mentioned are a few myths that need to be busted to prove that Ruby on Rails can still be your preferred choice for development in 2023.

Common Ruby on Rails Myths:

Here are a few common myths about Ruby on Rails that are entirely false and can be significantly declined.

Ruby on Rails is Slow

RoR is undoubtedly quick to use when writing codes, allowing you to launch your product within a few months. While it may take extra time to execute the code compared to C++, Ruby on Rails is still a fast and efficient option for developing MVPs and prototypes efficiently.

Ruby on Rails Scalability Issues

Application scalability issues can be considered with the relevance of database performance dysfunctions. Scalability shouldn’t depend on the programming language or the framework used. A real-life example is that Ruby on Rails helped Shopify scale and build a billion-dollar business.

Complex Syntax of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is known for its simple architecture, making it easy for developers to work with. The syntax may appear complex to beginners, but experienced developers appreciate its simplicity and productivity.

Ruby on Rails is Dead

Ruby on Rails is thriving and is expected to outlive its competitors as a popular and reliable framework for creating web apps. Its community grows yearly, so it is far from being dead. Instead, Ruby on Rails is flourishing exceptionally well due to its reliability and outstanding performance.

Now that you have learned why use Ruby on Rails and how it is an ideal technology for building your product, you might still wish to figure out how to achieve your success at the earliest with minimum effort. Read along to find out why outsource Ruby on Rails Development and partner with a reliable Ruby on Rails development company to achieve results.

Future of Ruby on Rails in 2023 and Beyond

In conclusion, the blog provided valuable insights on Why use Ruby on Rails in 2023 and beyond for app development. RoR has continued to shine as a reliable and scalable framework for app development. Its track record of supporting web applications and businesses has led to significant growth in the digital landscape. With over 15 years of catering to product owners’ development needs, Ruby on Rails remains a trusted choice.

Moreover, partnering with a Ruby on Rails development company can provide a strategic advantage, leveraging the framework’s strengths and expertise to build reliable, scalable, and high-performing web applications that meet the needs of modern digital businesses. Overall, the future of Ruby on Rails is promising, with its stability to adapt to evolving technology and deliver exceptional performance making it a preferred choice for web app development in the years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is hard to find all quality in one framework, but Ruby on Rails is a perfect option for web development. Ruby on Rails provides security, gems of libraries, and structured user-friendly code to bring more scalability to web applications.

Ruby on Rails is ideally the most suitable for eCommerce, Online Media streaming platforms, SaaS web applications, and more.

JavaScript brings more scalability to your web application than Ruby. However, it doesn’t pure that Ruby is not an ideal choice. Ruby on Rails brings complete high CPU performance to your web application, improving image processing and graphics.

Web application development is a type of software development written in Ruby and organized with the help of Rails. The whole process of developing an application is done using Ruby with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Ruby programming language uses Rails to give additional features by combining these file components.

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