Ruby on Rails is one of the beloved choices of programmers when it comes to programming a modern web application and especially via Ruby language. Amongst the plethora of hindered different programming frameworks, Ruby on Rails is one of the most preferable web frameworks that offer an effective combination tool such as practical software compatibility, optimal quality code library. Recently Wappalyzer conducted a study and a graph of the market that is covered by Ruby on Rails. Let’s have a look.


Technological growth of Ruby on Rails over time


Programmers feel gratified after making use of Ruby on Rails framework as its ideal use helps them in delivering best software. The popularity is also reflected in the social coding websites like shoplift, Github and many more.

Statistical Analysis on the market share of Ruby on Rails

This detailed market share analysis has been prepared with the help of different analytical experts.To make it happen, experts have cleverly compared the total numbers of websites using RoR technology and websites using other technologies like ASP.NET, Apache Coyote, Apache Coyote v1.1, PHP 5.3 and AngularjS. So, to make you clear with your mind and for better and clearer understanding Datanyze presented the information with a table. So, let’s a have a look.

Ruby on Rails is on Progress Path

Top competitorsMarket Sharevs. Ruby On Rails
PHP 5.320.01%18.91%
Apache Coyote v1.11.03%-0.07%
Apache Coyote1.02%-0.07%

Web usage via Ruby on Rails

The following image highlights on the total number of websites that have used Ruby on Rails framework for website building.


Now, let’s have a look at the statistics that highlight the different website categories which have adopted Ruby on Rails framework for web development.


Image Courtesy: Similartech

The above chart shows the growing popularity of Ruby on Rails framework specifically Business Industry websites and other fields.


Image Courtesy: Builtwith

Let me add further light on top website using RoR. Here is the list of the websites using RoR.


Ruby On Rails Usage By Websites Accross The Globe


And the graphs will continue to rise when it comes to Pros of Ruby on Rails. These are the most promising reasons as why most entrepreneurs are using Ruby on Rails for their products and why you should choose it too!

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