Rehiring Former Stars: Bacancy Has Always Said Yes to the Right Former Bacancyers

This is a very frequently asked question that stirs up a debateful conversation among managers and HR personnel.

“Should employees who resign for better opportunities or to fulfill personal commitments be considered as enemies?”

No employee promises a lifetime of loyalty, and no business offers a lifetime job security. It is just a matter of doing what is best for business or best for one’s career goals. This blogpost explains why you shouldn’t have a bad mindset for the employee leaving to pursue a better opportunity.

When an employee decides to leave the organization, there are various other factors that the organization should take into consideration. The reason they left, how they left, and what problems they were facing or issues they had with the management. It is not an ideal thing to ban someone from your organization or hate them for leaving the organization for a better opportunity.

We at Bacancy allow previously associated Bacancyers to rejoin the organization if the criteria and requirements are being fulfilled.

Common Reasons for Which Employees Leave Organizations

  • To fulfill personal commitment
  • Maternity leave
  • Pursue better opportunity
  • Relocation
  • Mental health

Personal Commitment -

An employee might have personal commitments or reasons that he needs to take care of. It can be related to family, finance, or any other.

Maternity Leave -

At Bacancy similar to the other organizations, there are maternity leaves as well, but sometimes employees need more time to get the hang of parenting and want to spend more time with the family.

Exploring New Opportunities -

There are times when an employee might want to explore new technologies or fields which interest them. Bacancy supports such talented individuals who have the willingness to keep learning and growing.

Relocation -

There are times when employees have to relocate to different places. It can be after marriage or due to any other reason. In such cases, employees unwillingly have to quit the job they love and move to other places. Bacancy has introduced the Work From Anywhere option for employees who might face such problems.

Mental Health -

There are times when an employee might need a break from everything. Maintaining a work-life balance is not as easy as it sounds, and sometimes things can get a bit too difficult. Taking a break for mental wellness is now becoming a common practice, and it is something that shouldn’t be frowned upon.

MNC and Salary Criteria -

As discussed above, employees look for new opportunities, and when it comes in the form of an MNC, it is hard to say no. The salary criteria also play a major role in their decision as different cities and MNCs have varying pay scales comparatively.

However, When an employee resigns from Bacancy,

  • Our CEO and CTO always make sure to personally do a meeting to identify the reason
  • The HR team never forgets to thank that employee for the hard work as well as dedication the one did for the organization
  • We also inform them that they are always welcome to rejoin the organization

Bacancy has a Rehiring Policy With No Additional Terms and Conditions

Rehiring Former Stars

It’s not like Bacancy hasn’t experienced employees leaving without informing or fulfilling the notice period criteria. However, for Bacancy, ‘People Matters’ and we always respect their priority. If any employee gets an opportunity of a lifetime, then one might obviously not like to wait. Everyone has their own responsibilities and personal things to take care of. Employee’s decisions and the reason behind leaving the organization should be respected.

Here's Story of Jinesh Darji - Seize the opportunity Again

Jinesh Darji is a QA Lead and one of the core team members of Bacancy. Jinesh has been associated with Bacancy for the past 4 years. A year back, he decided that he wants to move into QA automation.

At that point in time, Bacancy did not have that particular role to offer. So after a fruitful discussion about his goals and our requirements at that moment, we parted ways on good terms, and we’re happy with his choices of moving ahead in his field. After a month or so, when the opening for the same role was available at the firm. He got in touch, and we accepted his application for the role.

Here's the Story of Vrunada Patel- Relocation isn't an Issue

Another story in the form of an incident that we would like to share about Vrunda Patel. Vrunda Patel works as a Sr. Salesforce Developer at Bacancy. She decided to shift to the USA a year back with her family and asked for WFH prior to Covid. The management said yes to her, and she is successfully working with us from the USA only.

At Bacancy Technology, we believe in giving our people the flexibility they seek. We are always open and ready to show compassion where and when it is required. We have rehired numbers of employees, and all of them are successfully associated with Bacancy over a long time period. We don’t mind giving the second opportunity to the former Bacancy stars.

If you are looking for a career opportunity where you can associate with highly motivated people and want to experience a transparent culture, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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