Archita’s From ReactJs Developer to Technical Writer

It has been 2+ years I am associated with Bacancy, but it still seems like it’s yesterday when I stepped into the whole software-development-job area from chilled-college fun. With time, Bacancy made me realize how work can actually be fun and productive at the same time. It broke my myth of strict work culture that I have heard from most of the working people.

I was hired as a developer from the campus recruitment because of my interest in Javascript and its frontend frameworks. The training provided by the mentors and senior developer fueled my interest, and as a result, I started learning and exploring Javascript more. I was shifted to the ReactJS department once the Project Manager asked me about my preference – frontend or backend.

Throughout my development journey, I had constant support and motivation from my colleagues. People say it’s difficult to make friends at the workplace, but that was another myth busted, I would say. There wasn’t, not now also, any kind of work pressure and micro-management.

All I have been taught was about client satisfaction and managing my work accordingly, as micro-management isn’t something that Bacancy does. We, as Bacancyers, also made sure we are responsible enough, as freedom tags responsibilities along. And because of such flexibility and freedom, I was able to handle my Instagram page for poetry and short stories too.

There’s come my better half: writing. I enjoyed software development but, to be honest, not as much as writing. Yeah, I didn’t mention before, I love to write poetry, short stories, and technical blogs.

As my interest concerns Literature, I started pursuing distance education in a Master’s of Arts in English. And for keeping myself motivated for technical blogs, Bacancy was generous enough to acknowledge my love for writing blogs and offered me to write technical blogs for the company. I did that and enjoyed writing about Javascript and its frameworks.

During the last lockdown, a time to introspect, I did mine. I realized it was time for me to change my career role from ReactJS developer to technical writer. After I made my mind, I contacted Chandresh sir and asked him if I can change my job role.

He asked me the reason behind it, to which I replied, “I see myself doing something related to writing after five years, and I think I should take steps in that direction.” I know it was a tough call for him and management because of the demand and need of ReactJs developers in the company.

But, Chandresh sir appreciated that I know what I want, and I’m willing to take steps for the same. The company decided to change my career role to technical writer despite having the requirement for a ReactJS developer. That made my day.

I am so thankful to Bacancy for letting me pursue my dream as a technical writer. I’m eternally grateful that I’m working with Bacancy, where they listened to what I want and supported my dream.

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