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For a medium to large scale React applications state containers are a must to resolve state management. The core idea behind this is to keep the state abstracted using a state container like MobX vs Redux that let you share a global centralized state across all of your components.

Numbers of various approaches are there to solve state management problems, but the MobX vs Redux performance are widely used as external libraries to address the issue. So, I am writing this blog to look at the library in-detail and understand how state management works within your web application.

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Overview on Redux vs MobX

MobX is a simple, scalable and battle-tested library that is used to make the simple state management solution with the help of transparently applying functional reactive programming, also abbreviated as TRRP. The purpose is to make the state consistent. On the other hand, Redux is a JavaScript library for managing the application state. Redux ensures to build apps that perform consistently in all the environments, and it also helps to test, develop and debug code effortlessly.

MobX Overview

It’s a state management solution that let you manage the local state within your application.

Core principles of MobX are:

  • MobX can have various stores to store the state of the app
  • Hold the ability to log everything
  • The state of a whole application is stored in a single object tree
  • Easy to debug and test without a browser
  • Hot reloading out of the box

Redux Overview

Redux is a predictable yet popular state management solution for JavaScript applications. It’s a combination of flux and functional programming concepts that helps you manage the data you display and how you are responding to user actions.
Core principles of Redux are:

  • Redux is an intuitive state container – a single source of truth
  • Reducers update state
  • Redux is used for the reasonable amount of data that changes over time.
  • Redux is widely used to build user interfaces for top-notch front-end technologies, and it also supports cross-platform
  • Actions invoke changes to the store

Let’s compare the key features of Redux vs MobX in-detail to understand the main differences and its impact on the existing React application.

Redux vs MobX Comparison

Redux vs MobX Learning Curve

MobX has a steady learning curve and it is easier to learn. Almost all the Javascript programmers are familiar with OOP, so that makes convenient for developers to learn.

On the other hand, Redux is a functional programming paradigm. For the developers without functional programming, it’s hard for them to have a proficient grasp of Redux straight away. But, if you are a functional programmer, then its easier to find Redux grasp.

MobX is better then Redux

Redux vs MobX Store

The store is the place where you keep your local data as it holds the entire application’s state. In the JSON object, the store carries the application’s state.
Redux has only one store also known as a single source of truth, and there will always be one source of truth. The state in the store is immutable. It makes convenient for a developer when it comes to finding the data.

On the other hand, MobX has multiple stores that, upon your convenience, you can logically separate them. So, just like Redux app’s state is not stored in one store.

And the winner is ReduxMost of the developers out there like one store concept and that makes Redux an obvious winner.

Redux vs MobX Data Structure

Redux has a simple javascript object as a data structure to store the state, and it requires updates to be followed manually.

Mobx uses noticeable data that automatically tracks changes through contained subscriptions. Indeed, it is convenient for developers to use.

MobX is a clear winner in the data structure

Redux vs MobX – Pure vs. Impure

In Redux the state in the store cannot be changed. That means all of the states are read-only and it is not possible to directly overwrite them. However, it is possible for the previous state with a new state.

In MobX state cannot be overwritten (mutable). It simply lets you update the new state with new values.

Redux store is pure and quickly let you revert state updates. However, if it’s not done right, its harder to debug MobX state updates.

Redux vs MobX Boilerplate Code

Boilerplate is one of the biggest complaints about Redux and when you are integrating React with Redux that consequences in more boilerplate code.

Whereas in MobX it does not require lots of special tooling it is more implicit. MobX comes with much lesser boilerplate code that makes easier to learn and setup.

Developer Support

This topic does not require any sort of debate since Redux wins hands down. Redux dev tools have support for thousands of developers for debugging Redux code. However, MobX does not have similar quality support that Redux provides.

Redux Mobx

Scalability Redux vs MobX

Redux is more opinionated, and the pure nature of Redux enables the scalability of the application than MobX. Redux is easier to test and results in maintainable code that eventually scales.

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Popularity Redux vs MobX

The above-given explanation gives a clear indication that Redux is a clear winner, still to ensure you with 100% assurance I would like to have you a look at Google trends graph below. Redux appears to be much more accessible and searched on Google in the comparison of MobX.

MobX or Redux?

Redux and MobX – both the libraries are used to manage state in JavaScript as well as other libraries. It’s convenient to switch between Redux vs MobX. In Redux, data is normalized that is not the case with mobX. Redux uses a Javascript object to store the data, and all the updates can be manually tracked.However, MobX makes use of observable. Redux uses pure states that are read-only. The states are not overwritten but can be replaced with the new one. In the comparison of MobX redux is more maintainable.

If you are planning for a long-term project, then you should undoubtedly go for Redux because that makes coding more convention and easier to maintain. The developer community of Redux is way ahead in community, popularity, and scalability. We are a globally renowned Redux development company, and we let you hire redux developer from us to offer your existing and potential users the best cross-platform experience.

MobX or Redux?

Both libraries have their own perks and perils, so connect with our front-end expert to get guidance on building the most viable solution.


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