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Performance plays a crucial role in any web application. Faster performance in any web application improves user experience and provides growth in business, which automatically makes business owners happy.

This blog post will help you understand key points worth considering for better Node Js performance. By following these Node Js performance optimization tips and tricks, you will find immense improvement in your existing NodeJs application.

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Node Js is an open-source, cross-platform web application development platform developed on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It is a server-side that provides multiple JavaScript modules that help develop great web applications, especially in Nodejs.

Node Js brings various advantages or features in software development, including fast development and negative buffering. It also provides MIT license to applications that are developed with Node Js.

Multiple big organizations have used Node Js in their web application development. The list includes eBay, PayPal, Uber, Yahoo, and many others. It proves that Nodejs is a preferred technology for web application development. However, it is required to tune Node Js performance to keep your web application up to date.

Therefore, the next part of the blog will provide all the tips to optimize the Nodejs applications.

Top Tips Worth Considering For Node Js Performance Optimization

Top Tips For Node Js Performance Optimization

1. Monitor & Profile Your Application

It is necessary to measure and monitor the Node Js performance of your existing Node application to have a better overall performance idea.

Once you are aware of the performance of your application, you can easily optimize your web application to get maximum performance. Below are the few key points product owners can consider in making their web applications highly scalable.

  • Load testing: It is a process of evaluating the application’s load that measures the responses and usage of the application. Moreover, you can also measure how much load the system can take before failing(error).
  • Scalability Testing: Scalability testing is one of the important tests which is helpful for every business category to scale their business. With the help of this testing, you can identify and solve the error and bugs that stop your web application’s scalability.
  • Endurance Test: This test will help you solve the issues related to the load that web applications can take. It also sorts the memory leakage issues.

You should keep these above points in mind while optimizing Node Js performance. After implementing these solutions, it’s better to rerun the web application to verify the performance.

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2. Decrease Latency Via Caching

Caching is one of the common ways of improving the Node Js performance. Caching can be done for both client-side and server-side web applications.

However, server-side caching is the most preferred choice for Node Js performance optimization because it has JavaScript, CSS sheets, HTML pages, etc. The main usage of caching in web applications is to get faster data retrievals.

3. Use HTTP/2

Usage of HTTP/2 in the Node Js application will provide extra web browsing speed and decrease bandwidth usage. One of the main reasons to use HTTP/2 in your existing web application is to resolve the problem that used to occur in HTTP/1, which includes multiplexing and header compression.

4. Scale In multiple Machines With Load Balancer

Scaling your existing Node Js web application through various machines is required. It is required for web applications to run independently on multiple machines ( platform or operating systems ).

You should use the load balancer to manage and distribute the incoming traffic to the dedicated servers to manage it effectively.

If you want to have a more optimized Node Js application, you can use multiple load balancers to avoid any single error that can decrease the Node Js performance.

5. Stateless Authentication

Stateless authentication on the client-side with the help of JSON Web Token ( JWT ) provides great speed to the application. In this Stateless Authentication procedure, a web token is created whenever the user login into the website. It contains all the required user information, which is sent back to the respective user for authenticating all API requests.

6. Optimize Frontend

There is a significant requirement to keep your front-end short and simple whenever data is transferred. The data includes images and CSS files, so you should use bundlers to transform complex data into smaller ones.

While using bundlers to compress the data, always keep your original code intact.

Final Thoughts On Node Js Performance

This blog post has provided adequate knowledge and information on how to get the best-optimized Node Js performance. Node Js is the preferred technology for web application development as it has a faster development process and provides scalability, security, and reliability. So if you want to optimize your product developed on Node Js, contact Bacancy, the best Node Js development company that provides the best development and optimization services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Node Js optimization is a necessary process. Therefore below are the top listed ways to optimize your existing web application:

  • Monitor and profile your existing application with the help of Endurance test, Scalability test, Load testing
  • Increase caching
  • Avoid HTTP/1 and start using HTTP/2

Node Js go along with a single-threaded model that JavaScript event-based model inspires with JavaScript call-back mechanism.

Optimizing code is similar to having a fast application. Once your application is optimized you will get benefits that include less memory consumption, a great user experience, and many more.

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