Whether mobile application development or web application development, every entrepreneur needs emerging technology to elevate their business. That is why they hire either a specialized front-end developer or a back-end developer, depending on their technology needs. However, these days, people have realized that instead of hiring front-end developers and back-end developers separately, it is beneficial to hire full stack developers for their full stack projects.

Well, that is right. You save your project funds and benefit from enhanced productivity in the absence of coordination of different developers. If we check the full stack development trends in the Google search engine over the past 10 years, we will come to believe how popular and famous it has gotten.

Full stack trends report

So, I searched for the trend over the period of last 5 years, and the graph is a steep uptick. The new generation named it with new terminology, which is the 2022 Stack. For those of you who are still not sure about what is full-stack, here is your answer:

“Fullstack development is the art of combining two branches of web development, i.e., front-end, and back-end development. Fullstack developers are the modern developers well acquainted with both front-end and back-end technologies, and can independently work on your web development project.”

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The Journey From FullStack to 2022 Stack

It is a fresh and younger perspective to the classic Full stack development. We saw, experienced, and used several full-stack models starting from the LAMP stack, MERN stack, WAMP, MAMP, XAMP, LEMP, MEAN, JAMStack, and others. With the emerging full-stack era, developers no longer limited themselves to the OS, HTTP server, database, and scripting languages.

With time, the fundamental technical skills that remained evident for fullstack knowledge and expertise turned out to be HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, along with the Database know-how. However, with time, we left out the old-school technologies from the fullstack definition like Photoshop, Illustrator, AJAX, SASS/SCSS, Web Pack, Georgia, BEM naming, and more. And we have adapted the star technologies like Javascript modules and Object-oriented Javascript.

A full-stack developer needs to be always updated with the latest technologies, and this brings me to my today’s blog. I’m going to share with you the top 7 full stack development trends that will be intimidating for full-stack developers, and once you keep up with these trends, you will be a master.

Top Full Stack Development Trends of 2022

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has started to become a necessity for modern businesses. Artificial Intelligence is the power of machines/software to think and make decisions like the human mind. AI helps entrepreneurs to automate their business processes and succeed quickly in the competition of the software market.

To have your AI application successful, you need to have mastery over big data, UI design, and software engineering. If you hire individual specialists to accomplish these particular tasks, you might have to face a failed attempt or a very long waiting time. However, as you find full stack AI developer, they can achieve all these pieces of the puzzle together and with proficiency.

A full-stack developer will be potent to understand all the needs of your AI project like user expectancy, design experience, and knowledge engineering. By having an all-round approach towards your AI project development, a full-stack programmer will be the best choice for your success.

Entrepreneurs in industries like healthcare, automobile, retail, eCommerce, transportation & logistics are adapting Artificial Intelligence to flourish and expand their businesses. Full stack development trends in AI is a magical shift, and hence you should choose full-stack developers for hire, for your upcoming AI project. A full-stack company will hold the knowledge to see how your project can become a complete solution.

AI Tech Stack to learn for a Fullstack Developer

2. IoT

The world has become a network of interconnected devices and thanks to the Internet of Things for such achievement. As per a study, 127 new devices are connected to the internet every second, and that’s the reason why industry experts entitled IoT as the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The business architects who have laid a foundation for IT shall learn how important it is to find an expert developer who can handle both the front-end and back-end of their IoT application. Internet of Things has liberated the user-end and industrialists, surging a high demand shortly.

Full-stack developers believe that full-stack IoT development should entail a very straightforward and outspoken front-end, back-end, and UI/UX. The crucial aspect of IoT is that the manufacturing of the IoT devices needs to be synchronized with the software. Hence, instead of including several discreet developers, a full stack developer would be an ideal candidate for your next project idea.

An IoT full stack developer will be keen on the hardware and manufacturing of your project’s prime IoT device. They will be equipped with knowledge and expertise on embedded development, middleware programming, mobile app development, UI/UX design, and systems integration.

IoT FullStack Project Developer Technical Skills to learn

3. Blockchain

Blockchain is a master technology that holds every potential under its umbrella, ranging from security, distribution, speed, transparency, and immutability. Industries like healthcare, finance, banking, ERP, and more hold immense opportunities with this emerging technology trend.

As per Statista, the market revenue for Blockchain Technology is expected to grow over 39 billion US dollars by 2025. The finance sector captures almost 60% of the blockchain investments.

If you have a Blockchain project idea, then hiring a full-stack blockchain developer will be the best decision for your business success. These all-rounders will be having hands-on experience with cryptocurrencies, Etherium, and Bitcoin, and they will build private blockchains for your network without inter-dependency. They know which tool will be right for which particular job.

Full-stack developers have mastered skills like enterprise architecture, decentralized applications (Dapps) developer tools, data-centric and web3 architecture needed for a Blockchain application.

FullStack Blockchain Developer Tech-Stack

4. AR/VR

Augmented reality and Virtual reality, together known as Mixed reality, is the future of what we see in front of our screens. This new tech-trend has winged our imagination to an outstanding height. AR/VR connects human perception with computers, machines, and neighboring environments. Varied possibilities come to life as we merge the mixed reality into our lives.

Full-stack mixed reality development has a higher scope in the future. As you invest in such proficient developers, your multimedia project is going to win the hearts and minds of users.

FullStack Technologies for ARVR App Development

5. Language Trends

Full-stack developers most-prominently use the most popular and trending development languages because of their adaptability by hybrid apps. For example, Javascript, the most popular programming language. If you want to avoid any fall-backs of troubles in the future, you should choose the wisest technology with extensive community support.

If you are a full stack developer, keeping yourself equipped with the latest language trends will keep you and your profile crisp. Entrepreneur and smart businesses need people like you to keep holding on the top charts.

6. Low Code Development

Web Development with minimal coding is the most alluring thing in the world today. Low code development enables developers to build an interactive website by dragging and dropping individual components on the model logic. As you expect the low code development standards, your clients understand your project very effectively.

However, if you plan for a sophisticated and structured solution, then low code development might not yield your expected results. Full-stack developers grab the learnings from all the upcoming technologies like IoT, blockchain, AI, and integrate well in the low code development method.

The low code development method is the future of web development, and hence the best full-stack developers should seek interest in this manner.

7. IT Outsourcing

In the digital world, outsourcing is starting to become the new normal. Adding it to the pandemic and the obvious work from home practice by the IT employees, IT outsourcing is being accepted by most of the big companies. It is also beneficial for entrepreneurs like yourself to outsource a project than to hire internal developers.

With this said, full-stack developers are in the highest demand because they are like one solution to any problem. Instead of hiring a front-end developer and a back-end developer, you are sorted with one full stack developer. You outsource your project to a full stack development team and see the results.

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Tips to Keep Up With Modern and Trending Full Stack Technologies

If you are an entrepreneur or a full stack developer, any minor shift in technology creates an equal ray of opportunity or challenge. When you start working on a project choosing your ideal fit of full stack development trends, you have to ensure that you stick to it till the end. Many projects take years to build, and till the time you have to be the best of friends with the technology you choose.

Here are some tips that will help you in ensuring that you are always up-to-date with your project and the full stack development trends:

  • Build a work environment where all the employees find it easy to accept any new change in their way of working.
  • Keep track of the current technologies trending in the news. Only then will you be able to cope with the market needs.
  • Analyze and keep a look at the technicality of each new and emerging technology frequently.
  • Be open to learning new technologies.
  • Participate in tech-trends workshops, seminars, lectures, and forums.Never lose your imagination and creative side.

Bonus: Tips for Full Stack Developers

Technical Tips:

  • Learn version-control
  • Experiment with Interactivity
  • Understand how the web works- dig deeper
  • Learn from the example of a good website
  • Practice SEO
  • Experience DevOps
  • Do it right- learn & practice

Non-technical Tips:

  • Team-work
  • Time-management
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence

Wrap Up

New trends give us many opportunities to expand the business along with the challenges. And to overcome such challenges, one needs to contact the best Full stack development company for the same. So, let’s not waste time and walk with the emerging full stack development trends. Unite to prove that this year is the best to adopt new opportunities and face challenges.

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