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Python is a versatile scripting language that is often used for web development, scientific computing, and data analysis. Python can be used for data analysis, task automation, and data visualization; thus, it makes Python an ideal language for software development. Python is also suitable for more complex applications as it can be extended with libraries written in other languages such as C++. Popular web frameworks such as Django and Flask are written in Python, and many large companies like Google and Instagram use Python for their back-end systems. In short, Python for software development is a great choice!

If you are planning to use Python and wondering why is Python becoming so popular? The answer is simple: Python is used for its simplicity of syntax and it brings scalability and reliability without affecting development speed. Read on to understand in detail what is Python used for and where & when to choose Python for your tech stack. Let’s understand why Python is so popular in 2022?


Python is an object-oriented programming language that generally works around data, and it is majorly used in the fields like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Game Development, web application development, and data analytics. The most accessible programming language has become the product owner’s most preferred choice to launch their next-gen product. Due to the ease of syntax in Python, the programmers can complete coding in fewer steps than in Java or C++. Python is considerably one of the fastest-growing languages.

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Ever evolving Python libraries make it a viable choice for any project, whether mobile app, web app, IoT, Data Science, or AI.

Why choose Python?

Python is a Swiss knife for product owners, and with utmost surprise, this language has been steadily climbing the popularity and ranked position as most popular programming language for developers in 2022.

Approximately 14% of the programmers use operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OS. However, the programmers of big companies make use of Python as it has created a trademark for itself with characteristic features like

  • Object-oriented
  • Interpreted
  • Modular
  • Dynamic
  • Portable
  • High level
  • Extensible in C++ & C

What is Python Used For in 2022

Python is an interpreted language widely used to create websites, and software products, automate tasks and analyze data. Python as a language is not a compiled one like C++ or Java, meaning it can be used to create a wide range of programs and is not specialized for any particular problem. Python is used for web development, app development, and desktop applications—including games! You’ll find Python at the heart of many tools and frameworks used by developers to build things like search engines like Google, social networks like Facebook, and email services like Gmail. Let’s understand in detail what is Python used for.

Applications for Python include;

  • Python Web development
  • Python For Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Python For IoT
  • Python For FinTech
  • Python For AI and ML
  • Python for Everyday Tasks

Python for Web Development

Python is great for scalable, reliable, and secure web application development. It is an excellent option and widely preferred due to the frameworks like Django, Flask, and Pyramid. Web application development using Python has become very popular.

Some top applications are built using Mozilla, Reddit, Spotify, etc. Python libraries and modules offered by Python provide database access, data authorization, and content management are easy to access and help in quick web development.

Why use Python for web development?

Python is an amazing programming language that has many use cases. As per the discussion with our senior Python developer, he has used Python primarily to create scripts to build releases and run tests. This has been incredibly helpful in speeding up his workflow and debugging software issues.

Top reasons to use Python for web development.

🟠 Open Source
Python is an open-source programming language that offers numerous free frameworks and tools for successful web application development. It allows developers to choose libraries, development tools, and frameworks to reduce the development cost. Product owners can use the top free frameworks such as Flask, Cherrypy, Django, and many others for scalable and quick web application development.

🟠 Strong Standard Library
Python has large and strong standard top libraries that make it different and provide additional features compared to other programming languages. It allows selecting your specific modules according to your demand from the wide variety of standard libraries. Python enables the addition of additional functionalities in the web app from those modules without writing extra code. Python permits product owners to use more information on modules, which are freely available in the documentation of the Python standard library.

🟠 Grab Test-Driven Development
Python helps to develop fast web application prototypes, allowing developers to write codes and test simultaneously with the help of test-driven development process. Product owners can use source code used in web applications to check whether the web application fulfills the predefined product requirements. Python also allows the development of web applications by using prototypes and rewriting the Python code.

🟠 Brings Simplicity To Complex Development
Python is a universal programming language that allows application development for web applications and desktops. Python allows the development of complex numeric and scientific web applications development. It is compatible with designing data visualization and data analysis in web apps.

With this feature, it becomes easier for product owners to target the development of big data solutions without wasting extra time and effort. Compared to other programming languages, it gets complicated to visualize the data interactively. However, it is far easier to work in Python with the help of data visualization APIs and libraries.

🟠 High Readability and Low Code Maintenance
When it comes to Python for software development, it becomes necessary to keep the source code simple and easy to understand to simplify the updates and maintenance. While using Python, the syntax offered by Python is much easier than in other languages as it uses simple English words for the development to improve the readability. The ease of readability and clean code base helps improve, maintain, and update the source code without additional time and effort.

🟠 Multiple Programming Model
We know that Python supports object-oriented programming. However, like other programming languages, it supports various programming features, including aspect-oriented programming and functions. Python has the feature of automation memory management that helps Python in the development of complex and big web application development.

🟠 Convenient To Work With Variety of Platforms
Python is convenient for working with various operating systems and allows Python interpreters to run codes on specific tools and platforms. Python is an interpreted programming language that enables it to run the same code base on various platforms by avoiding recompilation. Developers are not required to recompile the code after making any code base changes. This feature offered by Python saves the web application development time.

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Python for Data Science and Data Analysis

Like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in Python, Data Analytics is one of the most trending and fast-growing industries, widely using Python. As the usage and collection of data are increasing rapidly, it is required to use that data and present it in an organized way. Python for Data Analytics and Data Science is very convenient as it provides full support, flexibility, and ease of quickly analyzing the data.

🟠 Python for Scientific Computing
Python is used for scientific research and computing, among other real-world applications, and has many science-friendly or science-specific libraries, such as SciPy and scikit-learn.

  • Astropy in support of astronomy
  • Biopython is utilized in biology and bioinformatics.
  • Graph-analysis software for graphs
  • For neuroscience and experimental psychology, psychotherapy

Python’s position in data parsing, scripting, and algorithm creation functionality is undoubtedly a major advantage of adopting it. Python is one of the most popular programming languages for dealing with large amounts of data because modules such as pandas and NumPy facilitate data set navigation and data visualization.

🟠 Astropy in support of astronomy
Biopython is utilized in biology and bioinformatics. Graph-analysis software for graphs For neuroscience and experimental psychology, psychotherapy Python’s position in data parsing, scripting, and algorithm creation functionality is undoubtedly a major advantage of adopting it. Python is one of the most popular programming languages for dealing with large amounts of data because modules such as pandas and NumPy facilitate data set navigation and data visualization.

🟠 Python for Data Science
Data scientists and analysts use data science and programming languages like Python and R to alter data for reporting, forecasting, and other purposes. Data scientists don’t have time to squander on difficult syntax or compile their findings. Python for data science is an excellent choice because of its straightforward syntax and wide range of third-party libraries.

🟠 Python ETL
Another suitable use case for Python is integration flows and data transformation. Many ETL tools are out there now, and most of them support Python. One of the widely used tools is AirFlow. It allows you to describe scenarios for receiving, processing, and transmitting data using Python, and also allows you to run Jupyter Notebooks, which greatly simplifies the work of data engineers. In general, Python is a very convenient programming language for working with data that supports scripts, which makes it one of the most requested tools for data engineers

🟠 Data Visualization with Python
Data Visualization in Python is also a trending and developing area, widely used to provide a presentable graphical representation of data. Python helps in providing flexibility and a variety of graphic libraries filled with the latest features to create a visual presentation based on the requirements. Some of the standard libraries offered by Python for Data Visualization are Plotty and Pandas. These libraries transform unorganized data into meaningful insights.

Python For IoT

For IoT, product owners require a programming language that is scalable, strong, and lightweight. Python best suits IoT development as it is highly embedded, expandable, and portable. For the development of IoT systems organizing and managing complex data is mandatory and Python plays an essential role in successful development.

Python in IoT projects generally revolves around real-time processes and analysis. Therefore, it becomes necessary for business owners to choose a language just like Python that is compatible with these types of queries.

Python For FinTech

Python is the most sought-after programming language for FinTech businesses. Python isn’t only used by FinTech companies. Python’s data processing skills and third-party modules for financial analysis make it a popular choice in the financial sector. Python has been widely used in Fintech Industry as Python offers highly compatible with Analyzing model. Many big giants have used Python for the development of the Fintech platform. The organizations include JP Morgan and Citigroup.

Python For AI and ML

Python is a simple programming language, making it a perfect choice for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects. Python provides various libraries and packages, making it a preferred choice for Data Scientists. Python for AI offers a standard coding environment that helps fulfill the project requirements. Python for Machine Learning allows you to access, process, and transform your data to improve its predictions, functioning, and user experience.

Python for Everyday Tasks

If you still want to explore what is Python used for, then here are practical uses of Python programming for everyday tasks.

1. Automating Tasks with Python: Python’s powerful automation features make it perfect for automating routine tasks like data entry, report generation, and system administration.
2. Python for Desktop App: With libraries like PyQt or wxPython, you can use Python to develop slick desktop applications with all the functionality of traditional Windows apps.
3. Python for Game Development: Python is a great language for game development. It’s easy to learn and supports both 2D and 3D graphics programming.

Top Python Frameworks For App Development in 2022

Python offers a variety of frameworks for web app development. These popular Python frameworks are highly reliable and support successful web application development. Below mentioned are the best Python frameworks for web app development in 2022.

Top Python Frameworks for Web Development


Django is the most preferred and highly used Python web framework. The primary reason behind the usage of Django is its completeness. It provides all the tools in a single package required to develop web applications. Django is the best choice for your next product development as it allows you to omit the initial steps for quick web app development.


In comparison to Django, the working process of Flask is more towards microservices, and that’s the reason behind its popularity. Flask allows combining the other available libraries for scalable web development. One of the key characteristics of Flask is that it adds services and features one at a time to keep the process smooth and clean.


Pyramid is a very stable and mature Python framework highly preferred for project development requiring frequent customization. A pyramid could be a great choice for non-standard and more complex projects. The pyramid framework is so compatible and lightweight that it allows you to develop a framework layout in a single file to have quick app development.


Tornado is a Python web application development framework and an asynchronous library, which FriendFeed initially developed. This framework similarly works to Django, primarily used to improve the speed of web applications. Moreover, it is also capable of handling large web traffic.

Popular Tech Companies That Use Python in 2022

Let’s explore why globally renowned brands and most popular companies using Python in 2022.

Popular Tech Companies Using Python


Spotify is one of the biggest and most popular online music streaming platforms. It has started using Python to fulfill the requirements in two main areas: data analysis and back-end services.

As we know, Spotify is popular for the suggestions and recommendations that it provides to its users. To suggest and recommend Spotify requires analyzed data; for that, Spotify uses Luigi, one of the Python modules. Moreover, Spotify’s back-end is all made of various interdependent services directly connected with the messaging protocol developed on Python.


Dropbox is one of the most popular online storage platforms that has received full support from Python. Python has improved the overall experience of Dropbox, including the front-end and back-end. The key reason behind the selection of Python for Dropbox was to have cross-platform development support, ease of learning, and high readability to avoid errors in the development process.


Netflix is another important and popular brand using Python for its product development. In the initial stage, Netflix used Python for analysis and operational management. However, after a while, they started using it for security and networking purposes. I hope you are getting more precise clarity on what Python is used for.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users worldwide. Instagram has chosen the Django framework to have fast and secure development for their product development. The Team of Instagram always chooses technology that is easy to use, scalable, and secure. Therefore, for Instagram, Python remains the core back-end technology of the application.


The biggest social media platform in the world has also used Python for configuration management, production engineering, and service-related tasks. Python is Facebook’s third most popular programming language after C++ and PHP.

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When to Use Python?

Python is everywhere. From the above sections of the blog post, we hope you understand why Python is the second most popular coding language among developers, and it is used by various industries for successful web application development. However, the top industry types mentioned below are used in Python: Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

Machine Learning solutions include image recognition, virtual assistance, and product recommendation. Data Science and Deep Learning are widely used in the medical sector ( Infravision ). Radiology is one of the most examples, which uses tools based on Python for precise cancer diagnoses. In short, if you are looking for features that include quick algorithm tests and stable and flexible development, then Python is the right choice for your next product development.

What is Python used for? - Conclusion

We hope that your purpose of landing on this blogpost what is Python used for, is served with all the solid reasons justifying why to use Python as well as when to use. Using Python libraries, frameworks, and modules, Python can be the best choice for custom web application development. Also, product owners prefer the best Python development company for quick and remarkable development outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Python has various benefits, including easy learning and flexible development procedure. However, the top reasons one should consider before choosing Python are:

  • It offers multiple web development solutions
  • It best suits the top trending domains such as Data Science and AI/ML.
  • It has a strong, active community for constant support.

Python is generally used for software development, testing, management, and control. It is also used for successful and automated compilation and testing.

Python has now become part of every possible industry type. IoT, Game development, Healthcare, Finance, Aerospace, and many others are the list industries that use Python.

DevOps use Python to write automation scripts because the standard library is quite powerful and makes it easier to implement complex logic than Bash scripts.

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