Feature Azure IoT Central Azure IoT Hub
Data Volume Ideal for small to medium data volumes and fewer devices. Suitable for handling large data volumes and a wide range of devices.
Ease of Use Extremely user-friendly with simplified setup and management Requires more technical expertise and configuration for setup and management
Device Management Simplified device management through a centralized web dashboard Offers fine-grained control over device management with more customization options
Scalability Limited scalability compared to IoT Hub, suitable for smaller deployments Highly scalable, capable of handling millions of devices and messages
Customization Limited customization options, more focused on out-of-the-box solutions Provides extensive customization options for building tailored solutions
Integration Integrates easily with other Azure services for enhanced functionality Offers seamless integration with Azure services and third-party platforms
Security Built-in security features with Microsoft managing infrastructure Offers robust security features with options for more granular control