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React Native app development is the right path towards taking your business to the next frontier, but you want to know about the market rates of hiring React Native developers. Are you concerned about the cost of developing the React Native application in 2023? This blog is the end of your quest as it encloses the factors that affect React Native app development cost. We have also shed some light on the aspects that increase your app development cost and how you can reduce the development cost of your React Native project.

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In North America
React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America
React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Asia
React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Europe
React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Australia
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Every aspiring entrepreneur just like you is curious to know about the cost of building their cross-platform business application. Here, we will focus on React Native app development cost.

If you intend to build a React Native cross-platform app, this blog will help you learn about the factors that matter in app development with React Native. Also, discover the aspects that lead to React Native app cost and the factors that reduce the cost. Let us start by introducing React Native and the advantages of selecting React Native for your business application.

Why Do Startups Choose React Native?

Most entrepreneurs and developers consider React Native app development framework because it is a widely adopted open-source, cross-platform app development framework, backed by Facebook to develop Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows platforms applications.

Google trends report

The above graph states people’s interests, mostly entrepreneurs, in the React Native framework in the past five years, continually growing. Below given reasons will help you more to understand why entrepreneurs are inclined towards React Native app development in 2023.

Cross-Platform & Code Sharing

Entrepreneurs do not need more resources when using React Native because it is cross-platform, and developers can build apps with the same code base for different platforms. Developers only need a fixed skill set, not varied or multiple technologies.

Faster Go-To-Market time

With the same code-base, developers can build React Native apps for different platforms, which reduces your expedition time. Such a faster development time is the prime reason for the cost-effectiveness of react-native applications.

Need for Less Manpower

The unique specialty of using React Native is that, as compared to other native app development, the resources required for React Native app development are much less. It would help if you merely had a project manager, a designer, two developers, and one QA expert. However, if you intend to develop a native app, you might need double the team members.

Simplified UI

Entrepreneurs get the ease and flexibility of enabling great user interfaces when using React Native framework. React Native can develop responsive and smooth applications that load speedily.

Pre-built Components And Reusable Codes

React Native enables you to share 90% of code between Android and iOS applications, saving your cost and time for development. There are readily available React Native components that you can use in your project and reusable components.


Being open-source, all the React Native documents are freely available for the development community. Another advantage is getting enormous support from the widespread React Native community.

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Factors Affecting React Native App Development Cost

Go through the points that incur additional costs for React Native app development.

App Complexity

App Complexity

An app can either have low, medium, or high complexity. Various aspects affect the complexity of your app like:

  • Deployment architecture model– You may either opt for a custom mobile app architecture or have a back-end as a service ( BaaS ) model, enabling a ready-made back-end architecture for your application. Customization increases the complexity of your application.
  • Admin panel development– Depending on how many features you want under your admin panel control, you can intensify your application’s complexity. The admin panel features involve tracking app activity, viewing stats, and updating content without developers’ help.
  • Third-party integrations– As you want to create a user-friendly app, you might wish to have functionalities like easy login and payments. Such integrations make your app complex.
  • In-app purchase– Your business wants to attain speedy ROI from the application, and thus you want to add in-app purchases in your React Native app like every other app in the market. Though it may sound very alluring, adding in-app purchases to your app is a difficult task.
  • Using device-in-build features– Bluetooth, barometer, GPS, NFC, etc. are add-ons for modern smartphones. When you want to utilize such functionality in your app, it will become a complex application.
  • Integration with the enterprise system– Most enterprise applications have their synched mobile apps. If you are interested in developing a React Native app integrated with the in-house legacy system, learn that it falls under medium to high complexity.

App Category

The complexity of your React Native app depends on the type of application you want to develop. For example, a timer or calculator will have standalone features that are way less complex than an m-commerce app’s features.

User Authorization

If you want to create a React Native app that requires user login and authorization and user authentication, the complexity increases compared to the app that doesn’t need a sign-in or sign-up.

Hardware Dependency

Your app complexity will hike if it has a higher dependency on hardware. For example, developing an IoT application using React Native framework will cost you higher than developing a native application.

App Design

Developing an interactive app will demand the development of well-strategized design planning, along with user flow, animation, and smooth transitions. Such attribution will cost you a fair amount of money, but it will be way less than developing a native app.

App Maintenance

Once your app is developed and launched, you can not expect the expenses to end because you always need to maintain your launched application. App maintenance involves updates, changes in design, and bug-fixing. Annual maintenance can cost you around 20% of your total React Native app development cost.

Team Size

Your React Native app development cost will vary depending on what type of team you have on board. The first option is hiring freelancers who will be affordable but will compromise work quality. Other options are partnering with a high-capitalization agency that will cost you high or a mid-capitalization agency that will be right for your native app development.

Additional UI Enhancements

With React Native framework, you can use the same codebase for Android and iOS platforms, which is beneficial for reducing your app development costs. However, if you want a custom app appearance for each platform, that will cost you for crossing the UI limitations.

Performance Optimization

When you want to improve your React Native app performance, you must enable third-party integrations and use the in-device functionality to enhance user interaction. Such improvisation will increase your React Native app development costs.

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How to Optimize Your React Native App Performance?

Low Learning Curve

As React Native has a low learnability curve, your developers will have to spend time and effort learning about the framework’s nitty-gritty. This gap in time and performance will increase your React Native application development cost.

Security Assurance

Your React Native app is comparatively less secure than a native application will become. Hence, to bring a solution, you will have to hire a QA team to look after the security breaches, ultimately increasing your React Native app development cost.

Developer Cost Geographically

React Native developer hourly rates vary depending on the geographical location and will affect the overall React Native App development cost. React Native app development cost in India is best suitable for developing a potent application, especially if you are a startup and want faster development.

The average hourly React Native developer cost in USA stays around $100-$150. Let’s compare the global average React Native developer hourly cost based on their experience.

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In North America

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In North America $40-$80

The average hourly cost to hire React Native developer in North America ranges from $40 to $150.

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America $30-$50

The average hourly rate to hire React Native developer in Latin America stays between $50 to $80.

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Asia

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Asia $18-$40

The cost to hire React Native developer in Asia ranges from $18 to $80, which may vary depending upon the experience of the developers.

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Europe

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Europe $40-$60

The average hourly rate to hire React Native developer in Europe remains between $40 and $100.

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Australia

React Native Developer Hourly Rates In Australia $50-$70

The cost to hire React Native developer in Australia stays between $50 to $95 hourly.

React Native app development cost in India is best-suitable for developing a potent application, especially if you are a startup and want faster development.

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React Native Developer Hourly Rates at Bacancy

react native developer cost

Key Takeaway

To sum up, it is not easy to estimate the react native cost for app development because the costing directly corresponds to the project complexity and the development time. Also, it depends on what type of resources you are hiring, by which hiring model, and from which location.

At Bacancy it can cost you anywhere between $23 per hour to $3200 per month. At Bacancy Technology, we provide seasoned React Native developers who are well-versed in offering result-oriented cross-platform app development services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

According to Statista, React Native holds the second position in 2021 as the most preferred framework for mobile application development. Therefore, it is worth considering, and various businesses can use it as a mobile app development framework.

Both are highly recommended and considered the topmost preferred frameworks for cross-platform application development. One of the main reasons Flutter and React Native is that Flutter is more reliable.

According to Github, React Native has a very big active community of around 21.8K Folks and 101K stars. This active community helps in building an ecosystem that can be very helpful for business owners and developers while using React Native in their projects.

React Native creates applications with the help of javascript and JSX markup. It is compatible with developing both Android and iOS applications.

Top Companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Uber Eats, Salesforce, Shopify, and many more have built their applications with the help of React Native.

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