Feature Java PHP
Paradigm Object-oriented, imperative, functional Object-oriented, procedural, functional
Language Type Compiled Interpreted
Syntax Less Concise More Concise
Performance Faster due to JIT compilation Comparatively Slower due to interpreted nature
Memory Management Automatic Garbage Collection Manual Memory Management
Code Compilation Compiled code executed by the JVM Interpreted code executed by a PHP interpreter
Exception handling Checked exceptions must be caught or declared Exceptions can be caught, but not required
Concurrency Multithreading and Parallel processing Support Supports multithreading but not parallel processing
Type system Strongly-typed Weakly-typed
Standard libraries Rich and Extensive Basic and Limited
Mobile development Commonly used for mobile app development Not commonly used for mobile app development
Web application development Mainly used for enterprise-level applications Primarily used for small to medium-sized applications
Database connectivity JDBC for connecting to databases PDO, MySQLi, and other extensions
Popular frameworks Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Apache Maven Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Composer
Memory usage More memory-intensive Less memory-intensive
Learning curve The steep learning curve for beginners Relatively easy to learn for beginners
Licensing Mostly open-source with some proprietary options Mostly open-source with no proprietary options
Community support Large and Active Large and Active