Dimension Python Java
Compilation Python is an Interpreted language Java is a compiled language
Typing-discipline Dynamic typed (duck-typing) Statically typed
Learning Curve Easier than Java Easy to learn
Performance Slower Fast
Verbosity Concise Verbose
Database Support Comparatively weak Stable
Component Architecture Component-based Component-based
Ideally suitable for Data science, ML, AL Embedded & Cross-platform apps
Other Tools built using the technology Dependable support Not as great as Angular
Updates And Migration Django, Flask, Pycharm, Circleci Docker, Android SDK, Spring Boot, Senty
Companies using Uber, Dropbox, Google Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram
String Operations Many String-related functions Limited Sring-related functions
Multiple Inheritance Presents both Single and Multiple Inheritance Partial Multiple Inheritance via Interfaces
Indentation or Braces It uses indentation for separating code into code blocks Use the ‘{‘to define the beginning and the end of class and function definition
Speed Comparatively Faster Comparatively Slower
Portability Involves an Interpreter that translates the Python code, which theory makes it less portable than Java Any device having JVM portability can run a Java application
Read File Need only two lines of code to read a file Requires around ten lines of code to read a file in Java
Architecture The interpreter is responsible for translating the source code into machine-independent bytecode JVM offers a runtime environment that allows code execution and converts bytecode into machine language
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