Quick Summary: Ruby on Rails is a fully-furnished framework that has the power to organize, develop, manage, and maintain both the front-end and back-end of mobile and web applications. Have you ever wondered how RoR is the best framework for building a modern and comprehensive eLearning application?

If yes, hop on to find an exuberant example of our smart-work with one of our best Case Studies. And if your answer is no, you must stick to this blog to find out the fantastic potential that Ruby on Rails poses. Thinking to create eLearning platform using Ruby on Rails for the education industry? March ahead, we will guide you. Also, you will get your answer to why use Ruby on Rails for building an eLearning platform. It will be the best decision for your business.

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Online learning has become the new normal for students because the COVID pandemic has forced the lockdown of schools and other public gatherings. The last decade has observed a significant growth in eLearning platforms because the combination of education-internet has provided an avalanche of opportunities to learn new skills.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, marketers and researchers predicted that the online learning industry will reach upto $350 billion within five years from now.

eLearning Market Growth

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Learning is inevitable; otherwise, you seem to stop growing. At every stage of life, lessons are waiting for you to seek. Because of the blessings of the internet, we can learn from our homes through eLearning platforms. Across the world, millions of people are seeking online education, and even thousands of companies are encouraging the training of their employees via online learning platforms.

As per the Orbis Research forecast, the online learning industry is expected to reach $275 billion by 2022.

Global eLearning market growth

We have witnessed such dramatic growth in online education because of the many benefits of e-learning. Have a look at the advantages:

  • Availability: Online courses are available to you at your ease and convenience. You can access your online course from any location and any device-mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop.
  • Affordability: Conventional method of learning requires equipment, offices, and buildings. Whereas eLearning is cost-effective because you just need internet access.
  • Flexibility: You are not time-bound when seeking online education, unlike in the conventional learning method. You can complete a course at your speed and pace.
  • Large audience: A traditional classroom might have a limit of students, say 50, 100, or 500, but online classrooms are limitless. They cater to a massive group of audience.

Ruby on Rails: Excellent Choice For Building eLearning Platform

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework that can work on front-end and back-end designs as it was intended to be- general purpose. Since the beginning, the RoR community has been focused on web development with Ruby on Rails. However, over the years of its growth, RoR is used in varied app development, system apps, CMS, e-learning, social networking, and much more.

Some mesmerizing examples of RoR projects are Google SketchUp and simulations at NASA Langley search center. Every kind of business- whether it is small or medium-sized business or big enterprises, all are using Ruby on Rails for web development owing to its speed and agile characteristics. The most widely used cases of RoR are web applications- sites that contain vast amounts of readable content.

Developing your eLearning platform using Ruby on Rails is a great idea because it aids speedy uploading, which fastens your RoR app users’ navigation process.

Overview of Developing Custom eLearning platform Using Ruby on Rails (Case Study)

You will be amazed to read Offshore Ruby on Rails Backend Development and Bacancy Technology – A Match Made in Heaven. Here is an example of an eLearning platform using ruby on rails that we developed for our client, a publishing company. “Edumaster” is a mobile application for teachers and students with easy drag-and-drop features.

Students can take tests on this ruby on rails eLearning application, and teachers can give them scores.

ruby on rails eLearning application

Challenges we faced and Solutions We provided

Teachers play a vital role in a student’s learning and development. When we were developing an eLearning platform with Ruby on Rails we were under pressure to deliver a smooth learning process for both students and teachers. However, transforming a traditional system into a modern digital platform is not a cake-pie.

Our client demanded the online learning application to be media-rich. Loading heavy audio, visual, and video files in a mobile app- is quite a challenge.

Moreover, we aimed to render speedy access and delivery of assignments to hundreds of students online.

We designed and developed software as an application (SaaS) platform where our client could sell their content packages.

We provided various packages with different bundles according to the price range. Students can subscribe to the box that is suitable for them.

We added several other interactive features in the Edumaster eLearning ruby on rails application, such as video conferencing, live chat options, classroom addition/deletion, attendance, and more.

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Core Features in the project

❏ Easy Access: Enables them to access their assigned homework and assignments via their mobile devices and computer screens.

❏ Auto Calculations: The Edumaster app quickly calculates students’ total marks, average, and other summations.

❏ Learning Analysis: You can derive your monthly progress on your course and your growth analysis.

❏ Noticeable Notifications: The app reminds all the relevant users regarding any critical criteria like results, pending assignments, etc.

❏ Parental Update: With special access and information traced from parents, the app updates them regarding their children’s every minute report.

Technical stack we used in Ruby on Rails eLearning Platform

The technical stack that we used for this eLearning project are:

Front-end: HTML, javascript

Back-end: Ruby on Rails, JQuery, AJax

RoR eLearning Platform

No of Developers and Time Frame

Edumaster is an ongoing project since last year. Since the beginning of this project development, 2 of our Ruby on Rails developers are working on it along with a React developer, Quality Analyst, and a Designer.

Our client, the publishing company, is delighted with our work quality, and we hope this project turns out to be a huge success and our client meets his aspired goals.

Our client has received an immense number of inquiries and monthly subscriptions. They have made shortsighted profits by selling Edumaster content packages. They have marked much more than ROI(return on investment).


Bacancy Technology helped this publishing company successfully implement their seeding idea of digitally transforming the traditional learning methodology with this smart and interactive Edumaster eLearning platform using Ruby on Rails.

Our skillful Ruby on Rails developers are confident to put your eLearning app vision into reality. If you are wondering how to develop an elearning platform with ruby on rails, then get in touch with us. Hire Ruby on Rails developer from us and bring a change in society.

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Every company needs an eLearing platform, whether small or big. With the help of an eLearning platform with Ruby on Rails, you can expand the reach of your user-base and even aid your staff towards better knowledge and skills.

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