When it comes to product development, what actually motivates to go with one programming language over other? As it is an indeed tough choice for non-technical person as one has to rely on his advisor and partner for this. Choosing a specific programming language defines the success of your business, so it is completely worth to weigh up all the pros and cons of each option. So, here is the list of criteria that you should take into consideration.

Consider the criteria listed below:

  • Community support
  • Accessible platforms and frameworks
  • Efficiency of the language
  • Difficulty of the language. Mind you, if the rules and language syntax are complex, you’ll have more capable developers as only the best ones can get through.
  • Ensure which technology stack your potential acquisition company is using.
  • Thus, to fulfill the above criteria and for the justification of web application development, Python is the first and foremost choice that comes as a priority.

    What is Python?

    Python is a general purpose, interpreted and high-level OOPs based dynamic programming language that focuses on rapid application development and don’t repeat yourself. Due to ease of syntax in Python the programmers can complete coding in fewer steps as compared to Java or C++. Python is considerably one of the fastest growing languages. Python’s ever evolving libraries and support makes it a viable choice for any project, be it Mobile App, Web App, IoT, Data Science or AI.

    Most of the software development companies are choosing Python because of its fewer programming codes and versatile features. Approximately, 14% of the programmers use operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS. However, the programmers of big companies make use of Python as it has created a trademark for itself with characteristic features like

  • Object-oriented
  • Interpreted
  • Modular
  • Dynamic
  • Portable
  • High level
  • Extensible in C++ & C
  • The Introduction

    The language came into existence in the year of 1991 by the programmer Guido Van Rossum. The Python is extensively used in bigger organizations because of its multiple programming paradigms. It usually involves object-oriented, imperative and functional programming. It has a comprehensive as well as a large standard library which automatically manages dynamic features and memory management.

    Compelling reasons: Why should you choose Python

    Companies like Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube have chosen Python as their programming language of choice for a numerous reasons. Here are the top 7 reasons you should choose Python as your programming language.

    1.Python shop: one of the largest internet company in the world

    Python is Google’s first and foremost choice and most of the Google’s tools and offering is developed with it in mind. For startups Google’s cloud services and Google Apps, Python is a safe bet for optimal integration capabilities.

    2.Expansive following and A great community of supporters

    There are only few open source communities, which is as devoted as well as expansive as Python. Millions of programmers and supports work on a daily basis to improve the language’s core functionality and features. Support with any complexity can be found easily.

    3.Python is free and always will be

    Python and its expansion set of supporting tools, modules and libraries are completely free. Popular IDEs – integrated development environments such as PTVS, Pydev with Eclipse and Spyder Python are available for free download.

    4.Suitable for building minimum viable products (MVPs) and prototypes

    The language is so easy to read and ideal to work with many tech startup founders for prototyping and developing proof-of-concepts.

    5.User-friendly Data Structures

    Python has built-in dictionary data structures that can be used to construct fast runtime data structures.  Python also provides the opportunity of dynamic high-level data typing that diminishes the length of support code that is required.

    6.Productivity and Speed

    Python provides enhanced process control capabilities, object-oriented design as well as possesses strong integration along with text processing capabilities and its own unit testing framework, all of which contribute to the upsurge its speed as well as productivity. Python is a considerable option for developing complex multi-protocol network apps.

    7.Presence of Third Party Modules

    PyPI – Python package index contains third-party modules that makes Python proficient in the interaction of other languages as well as platforms.


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