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Digital product owners, here is your ticket to develop your web application for your brand new startup. Clear the confusion between which framework to use between Laravel vs ASP.net. In this blogpost, we have assembled the categorization and classification of both these frameworks in terms of their speed, performance, scalability, popularity, technical features, and market share.

You need to understand the difference between Laravel MVC vs ASP.NET and findout which one is suitable for your digital project and you are all set to succeed with your startup. Read and share your valuable feedback on this comparative analysis on Asp net vs Laravel.

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Preface: Laravel vs ASP.NET Framework

The most precarious decision to make for an entrepreneur is to decide the web framework for their web development. Most entrepreneurs are confused about whether to consider PHP web development services or ASP net development services. We will help you with the difficult choice by telling you about the pros and cons of both these frameworks.

The comparative analysis of asp.net vs laravel performance, scalability, popularity, speed, market share, and more will give you a clear vision and help you march your startup development.


We shall begin with the basic instigation of both the web development frameworks. Keep aside your assumptions of what is Laravel? And what is asp net? Here you will get the correct guidance from our experts.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP web development framework that is free and open source. Taylor Otwell developed this framework based on the model-view-architecture MVC pattern so that web developers can get the ease of application deployment, maintenance, along with authentication and authorization.

What is ASP.net?

Microsoft developed the server-side web application framework to build dynamic web pages. The ASP.net is an heir to Microsoft’s classic Active Server Pages (ASP), built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR). You can make excellent cross-platform enterprise applications with ASP NET.

In-detail Comparison of Laravel vs ASP.NET Framework

Usage Statastic of Laravel and ASP.NET

Currently, there are 9,258,086 live websites built with ASP .net whereas, Laravel hosts 1,213,741 websites. As you compare the trend of both these technologies, ASP net is facing a downfall, whereas there is a rising scope for Laravel in the market.

Laravel Usage Statistics

Google trends report Laravel

Asp.Net Usage Statistics
The above graph shows the data of the last decade where we can see that Laravel is trending. However, despite the popularity of ASP.NET, the below graph depicts the downfall in the Microsoft framework trend.

Google trends report ASP .NET

ASP.NET vs Laravel Speed and Performance

The language you choose to code your website with doesn’t solely determine your website speed and performance. The programming language simply communicates your query to the database and yields the desired output on the browser.

In Laravel vs ASP.net comparison, both these frameworks have equal access to find images, access file systems, and display results on the webserver. Hence in the asp.net vs laravel performance battle, there is a tie between the two as both are almost equally performant. There are only myths that ASP.net is better at building speedy websites because the industry giants like Facebook and MailChimp are built using PHP- the language supporting Laravel framework.

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Scalability of Laravel MVC vs ASP.NET

Both Laravel and Asp.net are extremely scalable frameworks that help you develop a potential business website that can accommodate your expanding visitor traffic. ASP.net performs vertical scaling, whereas laravel provides horizontal scalability. PHP divides your system into subsystems and manages it from different servers.

After comparison of Laravel MVC vs ASP.NET you are looking to hire Laravel developers or hire Asp Net developers, keep in mind that PHP has the lowest learning curve, so your development team will quickly grasp the language and commit to your project development. Acknowledge that laravel validation holds a great potential to authenticate incoming HTTP requests.

Popularity & Market Share of ASP.NET VS Laravel

The market share of the ASP.net framework is immensely grown as compared to laravel. As per Datanyze, the market share of ASP.net framework is 8.64%, where that of the Laravel framework is 0.29%.

We can rank ASP NET framework in popularity over the laravel framework in the battle of asp net mvc vs laravel.

rank ASP NET framework

According to W3Techs, This study compares the web server-side programming language usage rates of PHP with ASP.NET. Of all the websites whose server-side programming language we are aware of, PHP is used by 77.5% of them. And Asp.net is used 7.7%.

Laravel vs ASP.net comparison

Let’s examine the Usage by ranking breakdown.

  • PHP is used by 77.5% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.
  • PHP is used by 76.0% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know and that rank in the top 1,000,000.
ASP.net vs Laravel comparison

Software Suitable Websites

Our research says that PHP Laravel is well-suitable for business websites, technology domains, independent software vendors, ISVs, startups, CRMs, and more.

Laravel Popular Website Verticals

PHP popular website

On the other hand, categories like enterprise-level websites, ERP apps, eCommerce platforms, and enterprise-level CRMs are ideally best-fit for development with ASP.net framework.

Asp.Net Popular Website Verticals

ASP .net popular website

Pros and Cons of Laravel vs ASP.NET

We shall now find out the advantages and disadvantages of Laravel vs Asp.net of both these frameworks.

Laravel Pros

  • Open-source, free, and backed by a huge support team.
  • Ideal for developing large projects like the White House website, or Facebook.
  • Works amazingly to access data from varied data types and for communication. It is an excellent choice for developing web-based scripts and CMS.
  • Greatly scalable.
  • Easy availability of laravel developers in the market.
  • Plenty of support groups readily available to speed-up your learning process.

Laravel Cons

  • Not a good fit for developing desktop applications.
  • Comparatively slower than other programming languages and frameworks.
  • There are scopes for bugs because of customization, which derails the code-quality.
  • Error handling is not speedy enough as compared to other languages.


  • It gives tough competition to rivals by offering high scalability.
  • Microsoft ownership leaves no stone unturned.
  • All programming languages support asp .net framework, and it works fine with an app or C#.
  • Identifies development errors before compile-time.
  • Plenty of support tools and features available for developers.
  • Works flawlessly on windows platform.
  • Potent to build fantastic enterprise applications.
  • Speedy development with varied pre-coded choices.
  • Developers find it fun because of its UI.

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  • Comparatively harder to learn and understand than PHP laravel.
  • The technical support is not as viable as that of available PHP developers.
  • Works only on Microsoft server and no other.
  • Microsoft licensing makes it expensive.
  • Has less capability of developing websites than PHP framework.
  • It is closed-source.

Side by Side Comparison between Laravel vs ASP.NET

Technical Comparison: Laravel vs ASP.NET

Now that you are acquainted with both the technologies, it is time we take you a step further into the nitty-gritty of web development using frameworks like laravel vs asp.net. Here we have highlighted the technical differences between the frameworks.

Project Size

Laravel is a good fit for developing smaller projects, whereas asp .net is best for medium to large projects that don’t need additional support. Laravel projects demand such help, which is not readily available, whereas ASP.net is scalable to cover all huge project metrics.

Type of Code

ASP.net uses compiled code that executes just like machine code and utilizes the system hardware. Such a process makes the code platform-specific and hence adds restrictions. PHP, on the other hand, uses interpreted code, making the program platform-independent.


As we mentioned earlier in the blog, asp.net enables vertical scaling, and laravel provides horizontal scaling. So, before you choose your web development framework, think about how you would want to expand your project in the future?


To build a secure system, you must find skilled developers who can utilize the in-build features of ASP.net and the capabilities of PHP laravel. Comparatively, asp.net is faster than the laravel framework. Laravel Sanctum provides authentication for SPAs, whereas Laravel Jetstream covers up the functionality with enhanced frontend technology.


The Laravel framework has options for creating user-friendly and attractive web pages, whereas asp.net is more focused on adding security and functionality to your system.


PHP is open-source, which straightaway wins the battle against Microsoft-owned ASP.net.


Thanks to PHP developers’ vast community, you can get help and sort out your issues very quickly. Additionally, the official laravel documentation is a great help to the developers. However, asp.net is backed by the Microsoft network, and even a non-technical person can tackle the problems because it is object-oriented programming.

Final Verdict Between Laravel or ASP.NET

Young tech enthusiasts are in the dilemma of which framework to learn to develop a successful career. We can’t ensure the future, but we can surely tell you about the potential of both these frameworks from the perspective of career development.

There is a good demand for PHP developers globally because Laravel is an affordable platform for developing dynamic web pages. Whereas, ASP .net being a wholesome framework, can build so much more than simple websites. Mostly big companies choose asp.net framework because they have adequate project budgets.

Entrepreneurs will get our final verdict that if you want to develop a website for a young startup company, PHP laravel is the best framework choice. Whereas if you are a giant organization and want to build a robust web platform, asp.net is the ultimate option.


Whether you choose Asp.Net or Laravel framework, one thing for sure is that you will need skilled developers for your project. A young startup like yourself has several distractions from the market, but you must choose wisely. Bacancy is the most trusted Laravel development company that will provide best-in-class services. We also hold a pool of skilled Asp .Net developers as well who have in-depth knowledge and skillful expertise in offering ASP.Net development services for large-scale enterprises as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In our opinion, Laravel would be a good fit for your needs if you are looking for a simple and flexible application that builds rapidly. On the other hand, if your application is feature-packed and complex, invest in ASP.NET.

No one between Laravel and ASP.NET compromises security. However, if you plan to build an enterprise-level application, choose ASP.NET as a framework.

Just like security, both ASP.NET core and Laravel perform amazingly well. It’s just that Laravel consists of built-in caching, routing, and database query optimization features, whereas ASP.NET demands more server resources due to heavier framework and runtime components.

Undoubtedly, ASP.NET Framework should be used for building large-scale applications. The framework consists of load-balancing features that even tackle the heavy traffic flow.

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