Angular 2 Is Out Of Beta! Let’s See What this Version has Got

There are notable JavaScript libraries out there, but I am here to discuss the Angular; err, my bed the upgraded version of Angular referred as Angular2. So why Angular 2 as there are lots of JS libraries out there then?

I am in love with AngularJS and to me, AngularJS is like,


I firmly believe in the up gradation and modernization and as Angular2 is out of Beta, so we must definitely take a time to look at it. Before we dig into it, I would like to take you introduce with the Javascript concept.


In May 1995, Netscape employee, Brendan Eich developed JavaScript within only 10 days of time period and he has developed as a side language for doing very lightweight things alongside Java.

Interestingly, JavaScript was not developed to be anything like Java. Brendan Eich has actually developed from the inspiration of two unrelated languages called Self and Scheme. It was the Netscape marketing department that convinced Eich to refer it as JavaScript.However, Eich said that it had nothing to do with Java, they convincingly requested him to “Make it look like Java.” This is the reason, why the syntax is inspired by Java and C but it’s not actually related to those languages.


It has nothing to do with Angular,but as Angular is associated with JavaScrit so I thought to give valuable information related to it.

Let’s Have A Look at Angular

Once there was a time when Angular was introduced….


And then comes a time it becomes “superheroic JavaScript framework”


  • Angular powers up the HTML and makes it more expressive with its features like conditions, loops and local variables.
  • Angular has powerful data binding, so it makes it easier to track changes, display fields from our data model and process updates from the user.
  • Angular promotes modularity through the design so the applications have become a set of building blocks and which is what making it easier to create and reuse content.
  • And Angular has already built-in support for back-end service communication. This makes it easy for to integrate with a backend service and post data to execute server-side business logic.

Angular2 Is The Newest Javascript Framework Now

Angular2 is much more than an application framework as it brings modern best practices in web-based development to build large complex apps. Angular 2 also helps to streng then such best practices and eliminates much of the confusion around how to move forward with the technology stack migration efforts.

Angular2 is so much more improved in terms of speed, stability, and efficiency.


If you are wondering what makes Angular2 go, then let me introduce with its pros.


  • Angular2 is speedier. It has faster change detection, faster initial loads and improved rendering times.
  • Angular2 is the newest and modern JavaScript framework. It usesthe latest JavaScript standards and beyond such as classes, modules, and decorators. It lets you take advantages of the Web Component technologies for building reusable user interface widgets. Yes it also supports both green field and legacy browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer back to IE 9!

  • Angular 2 has fewer built-in directives to learn simpler binding, and lower the overall concept count.
  • Angular2 improvesprogrammer’s productivity in the day-to-day workflow as it provides a consistent pattern to write the code.

The new framework, Angular2 is completely rewritten over Angular 1 and it has consideration of successes and learnings from other libraries and frameworks such as React, Ember and more.

Angular2 Is Not Something You Can Say


Angular2 is something:

  • 5x Improved performance
  • Built with TypeScipt for less errors in code
  • Faster change detection than earlier version
  • Improved debugging through Augury
  • Strong design patterns to keep development teams working in the same manner
  • Superior server side rendering for Speed and SEO
  • Easier to understand API
  • Improved Testability
  • Improved stack traces
  • Support for the Shadow DOM
  • Built-in command line interface for standardized template creation
  • Major improvements to generated template code in terms of speed, size and efficiency
  • Load only what’s required.

So if any Angular 1 programmer claims


Then your reaction is so obvious with below meme.


Wrapping Up

Besides the favorable speed, stability, and efficiency of Angular2, if you are here to build complex business application for your business, then fortunately, you have landed on the right page. Here at Bacancy technology, we own a pool of developers who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience and you can hire Angular2 developers to improve your Angularjs experience for your next project.

We are happily ready to serve you. Whether there is any query or any doubts we are always beside you. For more information contact us on

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