Critical Parameters Agile Adoption Agile Transformation
Speed Agile adoption is pretty fast as compared to transformations. You can measure it in days or weeks. Also, the training in agile adoption won’t take a long time; it hardly requires 1-3 days of the training period. Agile Transformation takes years. It takes a long time to underground the transformation process; sometimes, organizations feel they will never reach the end goal.
Timeframe Many agile adoptions are based on project completion. Therefore their time frame is short and temporary. Agile Transformation comes with a long-term period; organizations cannot handle multiple projects and movements between teams.
Productivity Agile adoption is also considered Scrum, and after adopting Scrum, the teams have become more productive. With agile transformation, Productivity is significantly higher than adoption as it eliminates the management layers and empowers engagement, creativity, and innovation.
Organization Structure Agile adoption rarely has any significant impact on the organization structure as the organization does not change as a whole; it only changes the process. Agile transformation puts a powerful and controlling impact on the organization that makes the organization’s people defensive.
Learning Agile adoption involves learning from experts in agile development Agile transformation requires learning from experts in agile organizational design
Focus Agile adoption majorly focuses on processes Agile transformation focuses on results
Execution Agile adoption is executed by scrum masters, agile coaches, and agile software developers. Agile transformation is led by experts in agile change management.