In Vue.js 3, the concept of an event bus, which was commonly used in Vue 2, can be implemented using a more modern and recommended approach involving the mitt library or the Vue 3 provide and inject features. The event bus is used to facilitate communication between components that do not have a direct parent-child relationship.

Using mitt Library for Event Bus in Vue 3

mitt is a tiny (~200 bytes) event emitter library that can be used to create an event bus in Vue 3. Here’s how you can set it up:

Install mitt:
First, install the mitt library using npm or yarn.

npm install mitt
# or
yarn add mitt

Create the Event Bus:
Create a separate file (e.g., eventBus.js) to initialize and export the event bus.

// eventBus.js
import mitt from 'mitt';
const emitter = mitt();
export default emitter;

Use the Event Bus in Components:
Parent Component: Where the event bus will be injected and provided to its children.

Child Component: Emit an event.


Sibling Component: Listen for the event.


Installing mitt:

  1. You install the mitt library, which is a lightweight event emitter library suitable for creating an event bus in Vue 3.
    Creating the Event Bus:
  2. You create an eventBus.js file where you initialize the mitt instance and export it for use in other components.
  3. Parent Component:
    • The parent component imports the event bus and provides it to its child components using the provide function.
    • Child components can then use the inject function to access the event bus.
  4. Child Component:
    – The child component injects the event bus and uses the emit method to send an event named message with a payload.
    – When the button is clicked, the sendMessage method emits a message event with a string payload.
  5. Sibling Component:
    – The sibling component injects the event bus and sets up an event listener in the mounted lifecycle hook.
    – The on method is used to listen for the message event. When the event is received, the message is stored in the message data property.
    – The beforeUnmount lifecycle hook removes the event listener to prevent memory leaks.

This way, you can facilitate communication between sibling components using an event bus in Vue.js 3 with the help of the mitt library.

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