There are various methods provided by dart, using that we can convert double to an integer.

Here i mentioned methods with description.

1. truncate():

  • Method: truncate()
  • Description: This method returns the integer value closest to but no greater in magnitude than the double value. It effectively removes the fractional part of the number without rounding.

2. toInt():

  • Method: toInt()
  • Description: Converts the double to an integer by discarding the fractional part. This method rounds towards zero.
    There are no difference between toInt() and truncate() method.

3. round():

  • Method: round()
  • Description: Rounds a number to the nearest integer. If the fractional part is 0.5 or higher, it rounds up; otherwise, it rounds down.

4. ceil():

  • Method: ceil()
  • Description: Rounds a number up to the nearest integer. If the number is already an integer, it remains unchanged. For positive numbers, it rounds up; for negative numbers, it rounds towards zero.

5. floor():

  • Method: floor()
  • Description: Rounds a number down to the nearest integer. It always rounds towards negative infinity, regardless of the number’s sign.


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