I’m experiencing a “Not logged in” issue when trying to log in to IBM Cloud CLI.

Here are some potential reasons I’ve identified:

1. CLI Version Incompatibility: Outdated CLI versions might not support updates to IBM Cloud services.
2. Configuration Errors: Incorrect settings or corrupted configuration files can prevent proper login.
3. Temporary Service Issues: Occasional backend problems at IBM Cloud can disrupt login processes.
4. Network Problems: Network restrictions or connectivity issues can block access to IBM Cloud services.
5. Regional Restrictions: Not all IBM Cloud services are available in every region, which might cause login issues.
6. Security Settings: Changes in security settings or account permissions could restrict CLI access.
7. Cache and Local Data Corruption: Corrupted cache or local data files can lead to authentication errors.


Checked the Installed Version:

ibmcloud version
ibmcloud update

Set the Correct API Endpoint and Region:

ibmcloud api https://cloud.ibm.com
ibmcloud target -r au-syd

Cleared Credentials and Re-logged In:

ibmcloud logout
ibmcloud login

Used the –sso Flag (for Single Sign-On accounts):

ibmcloud login --sso

Checked Network Connectivity:

Switched to a stable Wi-Fi connection instead of mobile data.

Used Verbose Output for More Details:

ibmcloud login --verbose

Verified Account Permissions:

Ensured account has the necessary permissions.

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