Improving Healthcare Access With Secure Telemedicine and Personalized UX


The SAMI Aid service provides easy access to doctors and medical services through the concierge call center and is smoothly available to the ailment book for appointments.

Technical Stack

FrontendReactJS (Create React App) + Static siteReduxAuth0 (MDLive services)HighchartsGoogle Map, etc.SEO/Analytics toolsGoogle AnalyticsTag ManagerFacebook PixelBing UETBootstrapHTMLCSS
BackendPHP 7.2MySQLLaravel Framework 5.7.29OpenSSL PHP ExtensionPDO PHP ExtensionMbstring PHP ExtensionTokenizer PHP ExtensionXML PHP ExtensionCtype PHP ExtensionJSON PHP ExtensionConverge Payment GatewayAWS

Business Challenge

Our client wanted to easily avail healthcare to the users at their doorsteps based on their preferences. There are several options available but no guidance or a comparison platform where users can meet their ideal health provider.

We brought together a platform where users can find several healthcare providers in a single platform. Users can bifurcate and select based on their location, budget, and custom health requirement/specialization.

How it works

  • SAMI-Aid includes a static site, blog, and portal for the patient and admin users. The digital SAMI-aid platform provides telemedicinal counseling over the telephone. We used MDLive 3rd party services to enable telemedicine to the users.



Allow telemedicine through SAMI-Aid, the core functionality, and it should be compliant with HIPAA.

  • Solution: We’ve Integrated a third-party service called “MDLive” using Auth0, allowing users to book their appointments.

Members did not take time to read the FAQ and query the same question using Contact Us, and the admin had to reply the same thing every time.

  • Solution: We’ve created an “Admin message Center” where SAMI-Aid admins can select a template or compose emails to members sent from the database to individuals. Also, the admin can add the note to track the recent query of customers.

There were a limited number of providers available for users to see, and also, they weren’t giving relevant disease information.

  • Solution: With intelligent matching and elastic search, we added a new intelligent price searching tool that searches within several providers across the USA with the given ailment and specialty.

In some cases, users might be charged without an appointment, or the client wants to allow some users to take limited appointments freely.

  • Solution: We’ve added a promo code feature that allows users to move to the appointment with a discount or without paying anything. We’ve also integrated a premium membership to give regular users a hassle-free experience.
Improving Healthcare Access With Secure Telemedicine and Personalized UX
Improving Healthcare Access With Secure Telemedicine and Personalized UX

Core Features

  • General features:
    • SAMI-Aid Blog (controlled by Admin)
    • Truepush push notifications
  • User area:
    • Two types of users (Basic, Premium)
    • Telemedicine via MDLive & Auth0
    • Call Nurse, Doctor, Psychiatrist
    • Promo Code for discounts
    • Providers’ Price search (USA)
    • Intelligent Physician matching, including Map
    • Medical Tourism
    • Manage Health Profile
  • Admin area:
    • Three types of admin (Master, Manager, Associate)
    • Admin Dashboard with multiple charts
    • Manage Admins, Users, Appointments, Blogs, Promo codes, Contact Us
    • Download CSV for all tables
    • Reschedule appointments
    • Create blogs using rich-text
    • Admin Message Center (kind of a small CRM)
    • Chat with Admins
    • Create email templates
    • Add notes to members
    • Send emails to users with a Rich text editor
Frontend (React)


Frontend (React)

Backend (Laravel)


Backend (Laravel)




Time Frame

Started in January 2019 - ongoing
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