CPA Global is the ultimate solution for organizations seeking top-notch management practices and a hassle-free path to acquiring multiple ISO certifications. With licenses available per site and authorized users, including seasoned risk assessors and incident investigators, CPA Global is the perfect fit for businesses of any size. The expert team behind CPA Global has invested countless man-years in developing the product, ensuring its users the best possible outcome.

Technical Stack

  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
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  • Region

    United States

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  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


Supplier Management

Action Tracker for Legal Compliance

Training Modules

Process Flow Diagram

Challenges & Solutions

When the client came to Bacancy, he was facing a few performance issues within the existing system portal. Also, he wished for a few UI improvements with additional functionalities.

  • Solution: Our developers first started to work on the performance issue and shifted from the existing old system on PHP to React in order to boost performance. Then, for the UI improvements we understood the whole concept and functionalities of the client’s website and worked on them to improve the UI that best suits the end-users.

The client also in his existing portal didn’t have a proper Process Flow that goes hand-in-hand with the client’s needs and requirements.

  • Solution: Our development team did an in-depth analysis of the client’s system and brought out the solution of the React Flow Library to deliver the same process flow as the previous one with better efficiency. Also, the new library is easily customizable.

The whole documentation was not available which signifies the development process. For the API development, the client needed a single endpoint instead of the different endpoint.

  • Solution: We followed the Coding Standards to deliver the optimal results and formulate the solution as the whole content was not available. Also, as the client wished for APIs with single endpoints, our team as per the client’s requirements developed the Generic APIs with single endpoints

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Core Features

  • Generic APIs
  • Generic Components for Frontend
  • Supplier Graphs
  • Process FlowChart
  • Coding Standards
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  • Time Frame

    December 2022 - Ongoing

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