Brandifying, a MarTech company, leverages technology to offer intelligent tools for businesses and marketing agencies, enhancing productivity and profitability. Specializing in logo design, website development, social media management, and content marketing, Brandifying empowers clients to plan, execute, and measure marketing efforts for success efficiently.

Technical Stack

  • React JS
  • Java
  • PostgreSQL
  • Industry

    Marketing & Advertising

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  • Region


  • project-size
  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


40% Boost In Performance

Dynamic and Responsive UX

Faster Data Processing

Real-Time User Monitoring

Challenges & Solutions

AngularJS two-way data binding issues were impacting user experience.

  • Solution: We addressed the intricate nature of two-way data binding processes by transitioning to ReactJS for front-end development. This strategic shift improved dynamism and responsiveness and effectively overcame limitations associated with AngularJS, resulting in an enhanced user interface.

The backend scalability issues were affecting data processing efficiency.

  • Solution: We confronted scalability challenges by leveraging Java's advanced memory management and threading capabilities. This strategic implementation expedited data processing and laid a robust foundation for handling increased loads, ultimately improving the platform's overall scalability and responsiveness.

Longer loading times

  • Solution: We implemented code splitting and code caching techniques to optimize the site for faster loading times by reducing the number of HTTP requests and minifying the JavaScript and CSS code.

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Core Features

  • Optimized Java and CSS Codes
  • Real-Time Efficiency Metrics
  • Improved User Engagement
  • Optimized Backend Operations
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    June 2022 - Ongoing

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