EmpWell is an employee wellness platform that promotes healthy behaviors and encourages optimal health. The platform provides users with a virtual vitality coach that helps them make healthy daily choices and achieve their health goals. It enables the users to earn Healthcoins for making healthy choices like taking the stairs, selecting a healthy snack, and more. These Healthcoins can then be redeemed for rewards such as fitness gear or other items that promote wellness and good health. It is a unique and effective tool that promotes employee wellness and healthy habits in the workplace.

Technical Stack

  • React Native
  • Javascript
  • Firebase
  • Mendix
  • Firestore
  • GoogleFit
  • Industry


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  • Region


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  • Project Size



Realtime Data Update for Health Kit and Google Fit

NPM Libraries Version Update

Dynamic Links to Open Specific Screens

Custom Reminders for Habit Formation

Sleep Tracking for Health Updates

Challenges & Solutions

Application fitness data does not match actual data, causing inaccurate goal achievement calculations.

  • Solution: Created custom services to fetch and update fitness data from Google Fit and Health Kit, allowing the app to calculate daily walking and sleeping goals accurately. We also updated React Native libraries for seamless integration.

Google Fit is being replaced by Health Connect for Android, which is only available in Kotlin and cannot be used in React Native.

  • Solution: To address the lack of React Native support for Health Connect, we developed a custom library for seamless integration into the app. This ensured optimal performance and allow for necessary health data retrieval, which is crucial to the app's functionality.

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Core Features

  • Health coins for target achievement
  • Feature for User Feedback
  • Goal achievement statistics
  • Rewards for healthy food habits
  • Team challenges based on targets
  • Push notifications for reminders, news, and activities
  • In-app shopping for health devices using earned coins.
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  • Time Frame

    December 2021 - Ongoing

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