Ni Hao Learning Management System (LMS) is a comprehensive school management system designed specifically for Ni Hao Chinese, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for educational administration. This platform aims to enhance the overall learning experience and administrative processes of Chinese language education.

Technical Stack

  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Mysql
  •  AWS S3
  • Industry


  • region
  • Region


  • project-size
  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


Responsive Web Design

Zoom API Integration

Scalable Architecture

Data Backups and Recovery

Challenges & Solutions

Establishing seamless integration with the Zoom API to automate the creation and distribution of online class links.

  • Solution: We develop a robust integration module that utilizes asynchronous tasks and error handling, ensuring reliable communication with the Zoom API. Implemented comprehensive logging and monitoring mechanisms to track the status of link creation and distribution for quick issue resolution.

Ensuring the system is scalable to accommodate course management for multiple locations.

  • Solution: We implemented a microservices architecture, leveraging containerization technologies like Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes. Utilize cloud services to dynamically scale resources based on demand, optimizing performance and ensuring smooth course management across diverse locations.

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Core Features

  • Automation With Background Jobs
  • RESTful APIs FOr Data Management
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Robust Security Protocols
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  • No. of Developers


  • time-frame
  • Time Frame

    March 2020 - Ongoing

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