eProdigy is a versatile chat application akin to popular platforms such as WhatsApp, Hike, and WeChat, offering users a comprehensive communication experience. Users can seamlessly engage in app-to-app calls, one-to-one and group chats, message broadcasting, and sharing locations and contacts.

Technical Stack

  • iOS
  • MySQL
  • Codeigniter
  • Twilio
  • AWS
  • PHP
  • Industry

    Information Technology

  • region
  • Region


  • project-size
  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


App-to-App Free Calling

Real-Time Synchronization

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Data Backup and Restoration

Challenges & Solutions

Ensuring seamless app-to-app free calling posed initial technical hurdles, including network connectivity issues and account settings discrepancies.

  • Solution: Through meticulous troubleshooting, the team addressed connectivity issues, updated app versions, and verified account configurations, ensuring smooth app-to-app calling functionality.

The installation and configuration of the Ejabberd XMPP application server presented complexities due to its technical requirements.

  • Solution: The team successfully deployed and configured the server by meticulously following ejabberd installation documentation, ensuring system compatibility, updating dependencies, and analyzing error logs.

Implementing robust encryption using the RSA algorithm for secure text transmission presented challenges in terms of integration and performance.

  • Solution: The team ensured secure text transmission while maintaining system efficiency by employing industry-standard encryption practices and optimizing algorithmic performance.

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  • Time Frame

    January 2021 - April 2021

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