Power Sync Solutions introduces CCS2_Controller, a user-friendly desktop application for streamlined controller management. This innovative solution provides secure login, real-time data monitoring, and easy customization of controller parameters. Overcoming technical complexities, CCS2_Controller ensures efficient Modbus handling and dynamic UI updates. With features like JSON-based data retrieval, Power Sync Solutions gains simplified and effective control over their CCS2 controllers.

Technical Stack

  • .Net
  • Json
  • Google Chat
  • Industry

    Information Technology

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  • Region


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  • Project Size

    Non- Disclosable


Dashboard Module

Realtime Monitoring

Configuration Module

JSON-Based Data Mgmt

Challenges & Solutions

Enabling real-time access to controller parameters required a robust mechanism to handle data retrieval and display without latency.

  • Solution: We implemented efficient mechanisms to retrieve real-time data using JSON and established effective communication with the controller through Modbus handling, ensuring users have immediate access to the latest parameters.

The dynamic nature of the application's UI, especially when dealing with numerous data fields, posed a challenge in coding each field separately.

  • Solution: We adopted a JSON-based approach to store UI-related data. This allowed us to manage fields dynamically, eliminating the need for extensive code changes when adding or removing fields. The UI updates are based on changes in the JSON structure.

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Core Features

  • Dynamic UI Management
  • Real-time Access of Parameter
  • System Information and Firmware Handling
  • Data Conversion for Modbus Communication
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  • Time Frame

    January 2020 - Ongoing

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