Hydration Pro Digital System revolutionizes care provision in geriatric populations by effectively preventing dehydration. It is a hydration software utilized by care homes to identify individuals at risk of low intake or dehydration. This system empowers caregivers with comprehensive tools to monitor progress, identify trends, and promptly respond to any decline in measurement metrics ensuring more effective care and the well-being of their patients.

Technical Stack

  • Angular
  • Google FireBase
  • Google Cloud console
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  • Region


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Tailored Admin Dashboard

D3 and NGX Chart Module

Carer/Nurse Assessment Logs

Data Collection and Analysis

Objectives & Implementations

Display Day-Wise Charts with Vital Signs and Hydration history on each day for each patient.

  • Solution: Implemented a data structure to store daily hydration assessments for each patient, enabling aggregation of patient data. Developed a custom combo chart module using multiple charts in the Angular chart module, enhanced with the D3 Scale module for customization.

Collecting and Maintaining Accurate Data from various sources such as Nurses/Carer Assement Logs.

  • Solution: Regular data validation and reconciliation to identify and resolve any inconsistencies or data conflicts arising. Automated data pipelines and scheduled data synchronization routines to ensure consistent and accurate data updation across all relevant components in real-time or at regular intervals.

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Agile enabled

Core Features

  • Multiple charts for vital signs and medication history
  • Hydration Intake Assessment Record Facility
  • Cross-communication between accounts for reporting and feedback
  • Admin Dashboard with hospital, patient, and nurse data and global settings
  • Daily monitoring of hydration intake to prevent illness
  • Hydration history tracked through daily medical assessments
  • Separate hierarchical accounts for different user roles
  • Data collection and analysis for health crisis prediction
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    July 2022 - Ongoing

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