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Our vetted software engineers are passionate about empowering educators and students with cutting-edge Edtech and eLearning solutions. Leverage our expertise in eLearning software development and various other areas to achieve your desired objectives and stay ahead of the curve.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing (NLP) | Computer Vision | Speech Recognition | Autonomous Agents | Software Robots | Cognitive Computing | Knowledge Reasoning | Expert Systems | AI Planning | Neural Networks

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning | Unsupervised Learning | Reinforcement Learning | Decision Trees | Random Forests | Clustering Algorithms | Support Vector Machines | Time Series Analysis | Gradient Boosting | Dimensionality Reduction

Data Science

Data Science

Data Analysis | Data Mining | Data Visualization | Predictive Analytics | Feature Engineering | Big Data Processing | Hypothesis Testing | Data Cleaning | Interpretation

Tailored Artificial Intelligent Solutions for Varied Industries

We are a house of subject matter experts who have industry know-how and first-hand experience. Our Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers have catered to various industries, for which we have compiled a list and presented it here. Check your business vertical and listed AI solutions to leverage them.

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Unveiling Our Profound Mastery In

Our AI engineers are well-versed in various cutting-edge technologies that enable the digital building of anything and everything from scratch.

Generative AI

Generative AI is where our software developers have excelled; we have contributed to almost every industry with Generative AI solutions. We implement intelligent algorithms to eliminate tedious tasks, transforming their ideas into revenue-generating platforms and ensuring their business grows dramatically.

Robotic Process Automation

We have a team of experts in Robotic Process Automation with years of hands-on experience in developing tools for our clients. We analyze your business’s product/services and your target audience. Based on this, we offer RPA solutions that scale your business.

AI and ML Consulting

Consulting is the first stage of product development. It is mandatory, but the consultant and consultant should be trained appropriately. The entire product planning is discussed, and information is shared between both parties. Connecting with AI business solutions providers like us will help you make data-driven decisions.

AI and ML Implementation

We are known for this and have been awarded multiple times by our clients. We promise swift development, deployment, communication, post-sales support, and maintenance. We keep an eye on every piece of information that is beneficial for your business. It helps us appropriately implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in your industry.

Machine learning

At the core of expertise lies Machine Learning, a technology that allows the implementation of extraordinary and user-engaging aspects in the business. Harness our Machine Learning capabilities today to use your business data optimally. The data may only be helpful tomorrow if derived revenue-generating today.


We make Artificial Intelligence seamless implementation using MLOps. We leverage this to make development and deployment quick and straightforward. This way, the time to market is reduced, and you also get the first-mover advantage.

Deep learning

Neural networks come with endless possibilities, and as an Artificial Intelligence solutions provider, we have witnessed this, so we advocate about it. Join our hands to take your business to newer heights and beat the competition with fewer resources and investment.


Data plays a crucial role in today’s competitive world. You can derive valuable insights from the data that can decode many possibilities for your business. We make swift interactions with data so that your digital platform understands your target audience and provides them with what they want.

Computer vision

We guarantee enhanced automation, better customer experience, top-notch quality, meaningful insights, and safety for your business. Our Artificial Solutions Intelligence experts help with custom solutions, integrations of third-party services, maintenance, data security, and scalability. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us now.

Our AI Tech Stack

These new-age solutions are only possible with technology. Our development team is well-versed in the following technologies, which makes development quicker and swifter. So, let’s know the list of technologies and tools.

R Language
apache spark
google ai
azure machine learning
aws machine learning
scikit learn

Our Recent Case Studies

Unveil the Artistry of Our AI Development Process

Aligning with industry trends, best practices, and standard guidelines, we at Bacancy follow a straightforward AI development process. The process includes the addition of Artificial Intelligent solutions at various crucial stages. So, let’s uncover the entire development process so you can learn how we work.

Business Goal Evaluation

Business Goal Evaluation

We meticulously inspect your business operations, products/services, data workflow, solution time to market, area of improvement, and target audience behavior to propose AI solutions accordingly.

Data Preprocessing

Data Preprocessing

Post-business evaluation, we analyze the data, visualize it, and transform it into a consistent dataset with quality, storage, and security. With the collected information, our team starts planning for the next state of action.

Feature Engineering

Feature Engineering

The features may sometimes elaborate underlying problems, so we fetch them from existing datasets and feed them into predictive models to understand the requirement of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

ML Model Creation

ML Model Creation

Once we know which ML model your business requires, we start building and training them. We make one and train it with a sample database to conclude the accuracy of the outcomes. The ML model with the highest accuracy passes our test and is then implemented into your existing digital platform.

ML Model Deployment

ML Model Deployment

Now is when the built ML model is placed into the production phase, integrated with business infrastructure, connected to your database system, and then kept monitoring the ML models for results.

Review & Enhancements

Review & Enhancements

Our partnership doesn’t end at deployment; we keep tracking the performance. We even work on user feedback and ensure the ML models deliver the expected results if needed. And since improvement is a continuous process, we promise to stay in touch whenever needed.

Why Choose Us for Building Artificial Intelligence Solutions?

We are a client-focused software development company delivering robust solutions that have been catering to various industries for over a decade. We also provide our clients with post-sales support and maintenance services, leaving them highly satisfied and their go-to vendors for digital platform solutions.

Our agile methodology has made us a consistent performer for our clients because they can witness what’s going on in their project and how long the digital platform will take to be available for their target audience. Considering today’s top-notch demand for data, we have ensured the delivery of crucial information so that our clients make data-driven decisions.

eLearning Software Development

Connecting with us brings these many benefits to the table:

  • Unparalleled Subject Matter Expertise
  • Tailored-made Solutions
  • End-to-End Development
  • Robust Solution-Oriented Company
  • 98% Client Retention Ratio
  • 100% On Time Delivery
  • Consultancy & Free Demo
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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have gathered different types of AI solutions, which are as follows:

Machine Learning

It learns from existing data and improves itself without any explicit programming. ML solutions to integrate include chatbots, recommender systems, and fraud detection systems.

Artificial intelligence helps in a variety of ways:

Task Automation:

Automates monotonous and tedious tasks, allowing the workforce to focus on the strategic part of the business.

Boost Efficiency & Productivity:

Optimized processes help make informed decisions.

Gather a wealth of information:

AI makes things possible, like gaining crucial information to unlock new revenue streams and opportunities.

These are some crucial benefits you must reap from using AI:

  • Empowers productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved decision making
  • New product and service development

The cost of AI-backed solutions depends on several factors, such as project size, complexity, and business criticality. It may be higher or lower depending on how you want to leverage Artificial Intelligence.