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Our Technology Migration Services

Perform full migration of your applications, software, web apps, websites, and other digital solutions through our services. We can smoothly transform product backend too.

Cloud Migration

Leverage the potential of big data by moving your assets to the public, private, or hybrid Cloud environment. Our experts can efficiently do cloud to cloud or server to cloud migration for the businesses. Bacancy excels in providing migration services for AWS, IBM cloud, Azure, and many other platforms.

Digital Product or Software Migration

If you are struggling to survive in the market with your ages-old digital product, which is still very useful but cannot sustain due to its efficiency issues, it is the time to migrate. Bacancy assures you to perform the full migration of your product to the technology and platform you want. We can even do this for monolithic, static, and on-premise desktop software.

Enterprise Platform Migration

Your legacy enterprise platform, which is too old that cannot be utilized further isn't a trouble. Hire Bacancy to initiate a painless migrate process for your data, business logic, and more. Our experts will perform technology and platform migration for your product. We have experience of working with diverse CRMs, CMSs, ERP, and custom enterprise tools.

Website and Web App Migration

Whether you want to migrate your website or web app between servers/hosts, or you have decided to change the underlying technology of your web products, Bacancy is your best bet for performing these tasks. We take care of your bandwidth, performance, and functional needs alongside maintaining features and data of your web entity as is.

Server and Database Migration

We can transfer applications, databases, websites, IT infrastructure, etc. between servers. Our team performs these operations while maintaining the DBMS structure, hierarchy, schema, and file formats. With knowledge of all standard servers, we can perform the migration for .NET, Java, and PHP applications alongside middleware.

Data Migration

Data migration is the toughest part as we move your application to a new system. We strategically plan and perform this essential task by taking multiple measures for the safety of your data. Our team takes care of maintaining the integrity and consistency of your data concerning your application's new setup.

Technology Migration Services

Why do you need Technology Migration Services?

Performance, user-friendliness, usability, precision, uniqueness, and efficiency are a few aspects which decide the future of your product. The digital world is so ruthless that you might be the best option for your customers today, while out of the race within a year. Ever-evolving technologies and innovations keep it competitive, forever. That’s why Bacancy strives to assess and transform your product when needed. We offer a fully-comprehensive set of product technology migration services.

Bacancy has provided its migration services to hundreds of software, website, product, and enterprise app owners till the date. Taking care of quality and security, our developers perform the migration process after thorough planning and analysis only. Our product technology migration services keep you updated, well-maintained, and above all the competitors. Whether it’s about switching technology, securing data, upgrading platform, or changing databases – there is nothing our technology migration experts cannot do.

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Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital product and guaranteed their success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Do You Fear the Change?

Dynamically changing and upgrading your systems is the best way to keep up with the ever-evolving industries. Though every business strives for innovation and uniqueness in their product, they deal with a few common scenarios at the same time

Your enterprise fears that switching from an old technology is risky, time-consuming and complex jobs, keeping you in the list of ordinary businesses – not allowing unleashing the full potential of your product, application or software.

Your IT Managers fear losing enterprise data or to disrupt the regular workflows, and they often end up NOT updating the much-needed upgrades or migrations.

Your competitors are performing better as they utilize better technologies, hardware, and other aids. However, you are delaying migration as you find it a costly affair.

How our Services benefit you

How our Services benefit you?

Key Outcomes of taking our reliable Product technology migration services are:

  • A less time-consuming and efficient transition process
  • No risk of data or feature losses
  • Improved performance and speed of product
  • A significant boost in user-friendliness and end-user satisfaction
  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased scalability, stability and robustness

Key Service Features for Bacancy’s Clients

Bacancy has successfully helped more than a hundred companies migrate smoothly. We have served many government sector companies and enterprises, belonging to different global locations. Our commitment to delivering excellence help us scale and perform well all the time.

Our Team

Our Team

We are renowned application and API developers who understand the ins and outs of product development lifecycle very well.

Our Grasp on technologies

Our Grasp on technologies

Our experts specialize in working on all major technologies of today (and tomorrow). We keep exploring tech innovations, platforms, trends, and industries to understand how your product’s fines version should work like.

The Comprehensiveness

The Comprehensiveness

From cloud technologies to JavaScript frameworks, from Ruby on Rails to Laravel, from mobile technologies to web technologies, from Blockchain to Salesforce and from AI/ML to IoT – Bacancy’s development experts can provide you with the best application or software migration services for all types of requirements.

Our Well-designed Technology Migration Process

Our Well-designed Technology Migration Process

  • Requirement analysis and engineering
  • Deciding Technology Stack
  • Assessing Current architecture
  • Planning the migration process
  • Performing migration
  • Testing
  • Documentation