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With the introduction of the notion of the Internet of Things (IoT), the market need for system software developers has skyrocketed. Initially, most IoT software development was done in classic powerful languages such as C and C++ until Google released ‘GO’ in 2009. As IoT became more entrenched in industries, companies looking to hire Go developers have gradually increased.

In today’s market, the Go web programming language is becoming increasingly popular globally. Let’s talk more about the cost to hire Golang developer and Go engineers worldwide. This blog covers how Go stands out from the rest of the programming languages, the demand for Go development teams, and the factors affecting the cost of hiring Golang developers.

Golang Developer Hourly Rates In North America
Golang Developer Hourly Rates In Eastern Europe
Golang Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America
Golang Developer Hourly Rates In Asia
Golang Developer Hourly Rates at Bacancy


The software development landscape is constantly improving in the corporate sector. Enterprises now have a variety of programming languages to pick from when designing mobile apps. Go, also known as Golang, is a programming language that has gained popularity in recent years due to its scalability and flexibility. If you intend to launch complex web applications and services, this platform would be your best option. All you need to do is employ Golang developers, and you’re set to go.

On the contrary, the true challenge here is identifying developers that can solve your specific company needs. Golang is a young language with a small pool of experienced developers worldwide. Furthermore, if you want to attract senior Golang developers, the recruiting process becomes even more challenging. Not to worry, we have created this informative blog to assist you in overcoming these obstacles and selecting developers of your choice in a hassle-free manner. Read on to know the cost of hiring a Go developer in 2022.

Factors That Affects the Cost To Hire Golang Developer

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on the specifications of your project. You must clearly define your core objectives, ultimate goals, and expected achievements. Define the app type you want to create and your target audience. Before you begin, make sure you have a list of the materials you’ll need for each development step.

Experience, job portfolio, and geographic location are just a few crucial factors to consider while making your budget. The cost allocation is also determined by the size of your project and the deadline you specify for completion.

With all this in mind, decide if you want a one-time on-demand service, a contract-based support model, or a long-term devoted partnership. This will assist you in finding Golang developers. This will enable you to hire Golang professionals within your budget and allocate costs accordingly. Let’s discuss the two main factors in brief!

Number of Functions

Your application cost or let’s just say, the cost of hiring a Go developer is determined by the number of functions you want to include. The more advanced functions you use, the higher your costs will be. This is because additional functionality necessitates more code to meet the requirements. As a result, business owners must maintain high budgets in order to develop more appealing, user-friendly web or mobile applications.

Size of The Project

The cost of developing an application is determined by the company or project needs. The cost of developing a Golang app is usually determined by the size of the project. Under this, 3 sorts of projects include the Small, medium, and enterprise-level projects.

➡ Small Projects: Small projects don’t have a lot of needs or complicated functionality. Startups and small to mid-sized businesses are examples of tiny projects that Golang developers may execute in a short amount of time.

➡ Mid-Size Projects: In comparison to smaller projects, mid-size projects have additional needs because they require third-party integrations and APIs to make apps more appealing. Some third-party connectors are chargeable, which raises the cost of developing a Go application.

➡ Projects at the enterprise level: These projects require more dedicated development and more complex capabilities. It also necessitates the formation of a development team to oversee the entire project’s development, including QA testing and technical assistance. These enterprise-level projects frequently have unique requirements that necessitate additional effort, eventually resulting in an increase in app development cost.

Go Developer Skills

The necessary skills to look for in a Golang developer entirely depends on what you are planning to build. Below is a glimpse of the mandate traits required to become an ideal Golang developer that also affects the cost to hire Golang developer.

Cloud And Networking

  • Efficiency with Golang
  • Experience in performing with containers (Kubernetes, Docker, AWS ECS)
  • Expertise with cloud automation (Terraform)
  • Experience with incorporating IDP (OIDC, SAML)
  • Robust knowledge of cloud providers: most importantly AWS (S3, ECS, EC2, IAM, RDS, etc)
  • Knowledge with using CI/CD tools and services
  • Robust knowledge of LINUX based systems (Ubuntu, Alpine, Amazon Linux)

Web Development

  • Experience with Golang
  • Versatility with JavaScript and ES6
  • (Full-Stack) Phenomenal knowledge with a library or frontend framework
  • Skills, experience, and knowledge with building RESTful APIs
  • Capacity to write non-blocking code
  • Using advanced techniques (multi-threading)
  • Experience in multithreading programming
  • Efficiency with relational databases / SQL development
  • Strong understanding of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Object-Oriented design concepts

DevOps & Site Reliability

  • Experience with Golang
  • Proficiency with GoLang Ansible
  • Experience with Python
  • Proficiency with Bash
  • Experience in Docker and Kubernetes
  • Strong knowledge of all LINUX-based systems
  • Knowledge and skills with Continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

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Cost To Hire Golang Developers: Geographical Pricing

You must be highly curious about the pricing of remote Golang developers. Let’s discuss the core of the article.

First, you should know that finding and hiring Golang professionals might be tough. You’ll probably have difficulty recruiting devoted Golang programmers because the language is so young. If you manage to locate a developer, the expected hourly pay for a Golang developer may surprise you. In such a case, you could always employ a Golang freelancer, but a single programmer won’t be able to accomplish much on their own.

If you want to see results, you’ll need a full team of Golang developers. As a result, you will have to pay for more space. Hence, you will be investing in extra office space, taxes, and wages, and expecting that the individual Golang experts will function well together as a team.

However, there is another method that is both simpler and less expensive. You can hire remote Golang developers. When you work with them, you’ll have a whole team of professionals dedicated to making your project a reality.

According to Glassdoor, the highest-paid Go developers are located in North America and Western Europe. Engineers from India, on the other hand, are the least expensive.

Golang Developer Hourly Rates In North America

Golang developer rates north america

Golang Developer Hourly Rates In Eastern Europe

Golang Developer Hourly Rates In Eastern Europe

Golang Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America

Golang Developer Hourly Rates In Latin America

Golang Developer Hourly Rates In Asia

Golang developer hourly rates Asia

Let’s look at how much remote Go developer costs in various nations.

  • North America: Go developers in the United States and Canada make an average of $108,166 per year. The average hourly cost to hire Golang developer range from $33 to $94.
  • The United Kingdom: The average developer pay in the United Kingdom is £42,933 (about $57,178). The hourly cost to hire Go developer ranges from $26 to $44.
  • Latin America: The average wage for Golang developers in South America is presently over $100,000, and hourly rates vary between $20 to $72.
  • Asia: The hourly cost to hire Golang developer in Asia will vary depending upon how experienced the developer you are hiring is. However, the average cost stays between $18 to $48.
  • Eastern Europe: The estimated cost of a Golang developer ranges from $25 to $77, depending upon their experience.

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Golang Development Cost Based on Engagement Model

As discussed above, the cost of Golang development varies depending on region and area. Similarly, the cost of hiring a Golang developer is the same. One of the most prominent factors that influence the cost of recruiting is the experience of the Golang developer. Another equally important factor involves the Golang development firm you choose for your product development.

The Golang developer recruiting model shown below can help you learn more about the cost of hiring a Golang developer:

Time and Material Model

This model completely works on an hourly basis. You hire a Golang developer for a fixed amount of hours on the requirement. Consequently, you pay accordingly. The additional advantage of this mode is that you can have mutual decisions on a working schedule with developers to fulfill your requirements.

Fixed Price Model

The fixed price model has pre-defined pricing where you have unaltered predefined requirements and a deadline for developers to complete the requirements.

Dedicated Development Team

The Dedicated development team model is a highly preferred, scalable, and reliable recruiting model. Dedicated team Golang developers work on the desired project to fulfill the business requirements and provide additional hands in completing the application development process.

Golang Developer Hourly Rate in India

As discussed, hourly rates are another method to look at developer costs. While salaries for full-time and long-term developers are important to consider, you may only need a developer for 3-6 months or 6-12 months. In these cases, it’s preferable to estimate your costs based on a developer’s hourly charges.

The average hourly cost of hiring a Golang developer stays around $28. At Bacancy, we provide incredibly experienced and skilled Golang developers with 3 to 7 years of experience. Listed below is an image that showcases the monthly rates of the dedicated Golang developers based on their experience.

Golang Developer Hourly Rates at Bacancy

monthly rates of the dedicated Golang developer


Golang has taken the programming world by storm since its inception. Even though Golang is still a pretty modern programming language, it has had a far greater impact than anyone could have predicted. Go is helping to improve programming while also allowing businesses to scale and optimize their operations.

Choosing Golang for application development will propel your company forward. Many businesses are already utilizing this programming language to broaden their reach and gain global exposure. To meet your design parameters and launch cutting-edge solutions, consider the above blog post on the cost to hire Golang developer. Simply ensure that you align with the right software development company that understands your project requirements and assists you in meeting your desired objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Golang programmer can work in various fields, including cloud computing and networking, online application development, and DevOps.

The qualities you want in a Golang developer are determined by the project you’re working on. Some include their level of expertise and knowledge.

Speaking of the United States, the average Golang Developer pay is $129,275 per year or $62 per hour. Beginning salaries range from $79,500 to $103,500 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to $168,000 per year.

Their level of knowledge and experience determines the cost of employing a Golang developer for your project. Junior developers are paid $33-47 per hour, software developers are paid $48-74 per hour, and senior developers are paid $57-82 per hour.

Know the Exact Cost To Hire Golang Developers

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