Wireless HVAC System


A wireless system has many benefits over a wired system, such as increased efficiency, lower cost, mobility, and ease of access. The client wants to upgrade their existing HVAC system product with a wireless system. For that, We have to develop a wireless system for the client. There are various modules covered in the system such as Control Gateway, Thermostat controller, HVAC Control module, and Wireless Damper controller. An easy-to-access system via a mobile application and also centralized data storage over the cloud.

How it works

  • Users get the convenience as the wireless HVAC zoning system enables remote management via a mobile app operated over the cloud.
  • Users can create multiple zones using a mobile app in a single system and manage various calls such as Heat/Cool/Auto mode. Accordingly, HVAC shall operate and satisfy the user's respective calls.
  • Users can access the system remotely and schedule various calls.
Wireless HVAC System Device
Wireless HVAC System Device

Technologies used

  • RF Protocol: Zigbee IEEE 802.15.4
  • Design product and software based on customer requirement
  • Coding: C
  • H/W Interface protocol: I2C, SPI, UART
  • Operating System: Linux (Yocto), JenOS, FreeRTOS
  • PCB Designing and proto production

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