Waste Chemical Water Management Solution


Discharging waste chemical water is a tedious process and requires proper monitoring of all exhaust of water quantity timely manner.

We have designed an IoT IO card with 4G connectivity to control Pump and Valve with Flow monitoring of wastewater over Modbus and generate Bill to Chemical Factory which will discharge the water through this system. Using this Smart IoT solution, Human interaction will be reduced and wastewater management will be done very transferable to Government organizations that work to purify wastage chemical water.

How it works

  • Typically there are two types of smart bound IoT devices: A pump controller which can operate a pump starter and a Valve monitor placed at the skunk side to operate the valve and measure the waste discharged using a flow meter.
  • Both devices have a centralized control in coordination with each other and can be accessed remotely.
  • Some of the specifications include support scheduler functionality, manual On/Off operation functionality, data logging and water flow gauge and monitoring against a set threshold parameter.
  • The alarm and control systems can detect if the measure of water flow meets any deviation in the specifications.
Waste Chemical Water Management Solution Device
Waste Chemical Water Management Solution Device

Technologies used

  • Communication : MQTT, ModBUS
  • FreeRTOs
  • Technology : C, nodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB(NOSQL)
  • Interface : I2C, 4-20mA sensor, 4G+GPS
  • Misra 2022 Compliance
  • Middleware : RabbitMQ
  • Allegro PCB Tool

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