Test Jig-Fixture for Product BFT


The industries are rapidly pacing up, working with expanding technology to diversify their portfolio. Moreover, it is the need of the hour to “outstand” in terms of functionality, utility, and performance. For evaluating the final testing phase, it is vital to create a replicated simulation environment to capture all the specifications under the ‘quality control test.’ Depending on the nature of the product, custom functional test fixtures serve effectively to meet the manufacturer’s needs.

To optimize production yield, not only should the designs be manufacturable but also testable. Our Test Fixture is developed using hardware and firmware, using Beaglebone as the core processor in the test jig. The firmware is designed for text fixtures based on DUT (Device under Test) functionality tests, capable of validating hardware functionalities like impedance tests, peripheral tests(LEDs, Button, UART/I2C/SPI Interfaces, etc.), DUT firmware functionality tests.

The HDMI interface for display depicts the live status of the ongoing test result, making it a user-friendly process for easy understanding.

How it works

  • Test fixtures can detect manufacturing faults such as opens, shorts, component assembly faults and component defects, etc.
  • The manufacturing faults can be detected and eliminated, resulting in very high delivery quality with Boundary-scan testing.
  • The customized test fixtures can assess and report functional faults for one or multiple components depending upon the specifications.
  • Benefits of Test Fixtures are a Quality improvement, Lower development costs, lower production costs, Faster repair, and Ease of use.
Test Jig-Fixture for Product BFT Device
Test Jig-Fixture for Product BFT Device

Technologies used

  • Technology: Automation (Production Line Testing Tool Developed)
  • Hardware: Beaglebone, DUTs
  • OS: Linux
  • Communication: UART, DIOs

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