Smart Lock


A Smart Lock (SL) is the one that is self vigilant, the guard of your assets. The BLE-enabled Smart Locks safeguard your personal property from any trespassing or burglary theft. These keyless door locks can be controlled remotely using a smartphone.

We have added Bluetooth support into the Digital Door Lock. It is equipped with local control to aid Bluetooth applications and a cap Sensor button and remote control by implementing BLE Wifi Bridge.

How it works

  • The SL connects to the home wifi network, which enables a code or smartphone command to lock/unlock.
  • The hardware is bridged with the mobile application via Bluetooth and through the mobile app; the owner can effortlessly open the door.
  • Unlike the traditional systems, which require complete replacement, these can be fitted over existing systems or a slight modification.
  • The SL can be synced with multiple devices, a common security system. Connection with the smart home hub enables all devices to work in par.
Smart Lock Device
Smart Lock Device

Technologies used

  • Hardware: nrf52, Cap Sense
  • Technology : C, Flutter
  • Communication: BLE 5.0, UART, DIO
  • Allegro PCB Tool

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