Porting Zigbee Application in Linux OS


The Zigbee Application ported on Linux OS-based gateway is network linked with the Zigbee stack and Zigbee USB dongle powered by Silicon Labs chipset. The application supports all the required clusters powered by the off-the-shelf Zigbee devices. Key responsible areas include monitoring, managing and controlling the Zigbee network and providing the external REST interface.

The architecture layer employs various Zigbee end devices for communication like smart door lock, smart switch, smart thermostat, smart plug, water Leak sensor, smart bulb, motion sensor, and IAS Zone devices. Zigbee application deploys an HTTP REST interface with various methods like GET/PUT/POST/DELETE. This REST interface provides an easy way to communicate with the Zigbee application

How it works

  • Zigbee Application ported in Linux OS provides plug and play mechanism for silab usb dongle.
  • In case if the existing gateway doesn't support Zigbee technology, then easy to integrate Zigbee technology by plug-in silab USB dongle.
Porting Zigbee Application in Linux OS Device
Porting Zigbee Application in Linux OS Device

Technologies used

  • Zigbee IEEE 802.15.4 (Home Automation 1.2 Profile)
  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi, EM3588 Silab Zigbee Dongle, Zigbee based Smart devices like Smart Switch, Smart Plug, Smart DoorLock, Water Leak Sensor, IAS Zone sensor, Smart Bulb
  • OS: Linux
  • Communication: Zigbee, HTTP

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