IoT Gateway for Smart Electricity/Gas meter


IoT Gateway is a Smart metering Device used to communicate with various devices such as electric meters, gas meters, and auxiliary load control switches. It is mainly responsible for controlling and monitoring connected devices. IoT Gateway will be connected to each device using HAN [Home Area Network].

How it works

  • Generally, Gateway sends a particular request to each device and receives responses from that particular device via the same gateway.
  • By using CH, Users can have control and monitor for different devices like Electric meters and Gas meters without directly communicating to them.
  • In real scenarios, Gas meters are always in sleep mode and waking up every 30 Minutes interval for 3 min. In these 3 mins, each data held by the gas meter is reported to the Communication hub and vice versa.
  • IoT Gateway becomes a front end to represent its value on behalf of the gas meter in the absence of the gas meter.
IoT Gateway for Smart Electricity/Gas meter
IoT Gateway for Smart Electricity/Gas meter

Technologies used

  • Zigbee [Han Communication]
  • Coding: C/Shell scripting
  • Misra 2012 Compliance
  • FreeRTOS
  • H/W Interface protocol: I2C, SPI, UART

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