Industrial IoT Gateway


The global transformation towards Industry 4.0 has led to increased expectations in terms of operation and delivery. One of the promises is looked at through the implementation of the IIoT Gateways. The Multiprotocol Customized Linux Build in Yocto framework Gateway fits into existing pieces of equipment to talk to the devices at the field level and transmit it to higher-level systems, such as MES, cloud.

Our Linux Based Gateway supports OPC-UA, Ether CAT, Modbus, Profinet, RTU,IEC-104, IEC61850, supported with the self-developed Yocto Linux BSP and end-user applications.

How it works

  • The centralized architecture is established using devices for communications which are utilized to bridge with a central node in IIoT applications.
  • For instance, modern factories adopt this model framework using the Industrial Ethernet Switches and Communication Gateways. Here, the central SCADA system is interlinked with industrial gears like actuators & PLCs.
  • The preprocessed information is transmitted from the edge system (gateway of connected sensors and equipment) to a private or public cloud for big data analysis through the edge gateway.
Industrial IoT Gateway Device
Industrial IoT Gateway Device

Technologies used

  • Hardware: ARM Cortex M8
  • Peripheral: I2C, RS -485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • OS: Yocto Linux
  • Communication: MQTT, OPC UA, Modbus,IEC-104, IEC61850, Profinet

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