Data Logger for Education


The Data Logger is an electronic device used for facilitating data acquisition systems, where the data is collected and has access to wireless communications. The newest version of a Digital Data Logger (DDL) can serve web pages for monitoring systems.

The DDL system eliminates the dependency on a stand-alone data logger covering all the investment benefits while future-proofing the next generation of learning.

Our DDL design comprises a 7’’ Touchpad integrated plug and play I2C/SPI/Analog sensor of pH, Lux, Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Weight. etc., empowering the higher class students (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) with a live experience.

How it works

  • The data logger automatically captures the data with a framework of set time intervals.
  • The integration with software enables students to plot pictorial charts and analyze data exported back to the desktop.
  • The real-time data monitoring is supported by a computer supplemented with Data acquisition devices such as plug-in boards or serial communication systems.
  • The latest versions include wireless transmitters which are capable of turning a regular smartphone/tablet) into a mobile data logger.
Data Logger for Education Device
Data Logger for Education Device

Technologies used

  • Wire Sensor communication: I2c, SPI, ADC Main Board
  • Linux as OS Database: SQLite
  • Hardware: Mips based 32bit processor, FPGA
  • Communication with Host Application: USB
  • Host Application : .Net

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