Blood Cell Processing Device


Blood cell devices are extremely crucial in the medical domain. These devices are only used in laboratories by well-trained scientists. The chances of technician errors diminish significantly. Contaminants do not get a chance to enter the process. This Automated processing approach is preferable in countries where experienced lab technicians are hard to train and retain. Such devices are best fit for laboratories that have a larger volume of cord blood business.

How it works

  • Blood Cell Processing devices are used to create new blood cells from the existing blood.
  • Once the blood cell bags are connected to given hardware, the device will automatically start the processing of cells accordingly
  • At the end of 15-17 Days, the device will give specific cells in other bags connected to the hardware based on the algorithm.
Blood Cell Processing Device
Blood Cell Processing Device

Technologies used

  • QML [For front end design of GUI]
  • C++ for communication with the backend and pure business logic.
  • JSON Decoding/Encoding

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