Automatic Test Equipment


Before the final dispatch, it is very crucial to test the functionalities of all the assembled DSP boards, which is done through the DSP Tester Board. Automated Test Equipment supports functionalities of DSP Board are voltage level, current level, frequencies, temperature, File type I/O Selection, Relay status, Flame detection, and test result reflect on their respective bi-color LED as well as overall test result status indicates on RGB status LED, which is done by hotplug.

How it works

  • ATE can test various functionality of newly assembled hardware in production line testing.
  • The productivity of this equipment multiplies as you avoid marking, keep a check on positioning, and frequently check. The speed and feed increase as the operation time is diminished, as well as the depth of cut also intensifies due to the high clamp rigidity.
  • It is easy to use for laymen without any prior technical knowledge, thereby no skills are needed to operate the hardware.
Automatic Test Equipment  Device
Automatic Test Equipment  Device

Technologies used

  • Design product and software based on customer requirement
  • H/W Interface protocol: I2C,ModBus, UART
  • Coding: C
  • Operating System: Baremetal (MSP430)
  • Mechanical design of Jig

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