Research Sprint

Test & validate your startup idea
in the real world in just 10 days

Idea validation is one of the best ways to test your idea through customer interviews and feedbacks prior to launching your business name, tagline, product, service or website. It’s a process from information-gathering interviews to special landing pages on the web. Our purpose is to expose the idea to your target audience before you build and release the final product. It costs only $1,300.

Start your design sprint

You just came up with a great new business idea - now what?

Ok so let’s get to it: Before you launch, before you invest or raise your very first $1 in the development, we'll help you answer the important stuff.

  • Can people use my product?
  • Do people actually understand my product?
  • Will my product help people solve their problems?
  • What should I build?
  • Will people find my product useful?
  • Is there a potential market for my product?

How It Works

This five-day session takes you from an idea to a physical product to test with your users.

Day 1

Day 1  unpack expertise, vision and mission

Day 2

Day 2 Work individually to jot down ideas and solutions

Day 3

Day 3 Group review of solutions and decide on best solution

Day 4

Day 4 Create a realistic prototype

Day 5

Day 5 Test with real users

What you get

What you get?

A research sprint will provide you accurate answers to your questions to continue developing your start-up. You will have a great feedback from your potential customers without wasting your valuable time or expense of launching. Research sprint is an effective way to reduce your risk and it also helps to discover what your customers want and what you should exactly build. We have seen some startups spent a large sum of venture capital and almost 6 months of the period to learn this simple yet significant information.

Kickstart Your Product Development

We are here to help you save your valuable time and hard-earned money so, you do not end up building the wrong product. We are happily ready to do research, create the prototype and build your customer base in just 10 days for $1,300.

Start Your Design Sprint