Orchard cms development

Orchard cms development

Built on the ASP.NET MVC platform, Orchard is a free, open-source and community-focused CMS that has become one of the most dynamic and a leading CMS solution in the web world. So, when it comes to content creation and management, this tool has become one of the most preferable choices for many because of its high end functionality as well as ease of use in developing customized features along with functions in an application.

Till now, PHP was the only considerable choice in an open source technology based CMS development. But till the time Microsoft has launched a wide range of .Net based CMS technologies, this framework has become the foremost choice to develop web applications because of its rich and robust features. Orchard is used to build quick marketing pages through complex web sites. It is significantly reducing development time, through making use of its taxonomised content delivery system, which gives your website visitors a superior experience and help your website editors with the less administration work.

Hire Orchard Developers From Bacancy For:

  • High-End User Modules and Widgets
  • Custom Orchard CMS Theme development
  • Custom Orchard Template Design & Integration
  • Custom Orchard Plugin Development & Integration
  • Custom Orchard Module Development
  • Custom Orchard Controls Development
  • Custom Orchard Language Support
  • Social Networking Module
  • Recent Tweet module
  • Tags module
  • Customized navigation Modules and Functionalities
  • User Module

Bacancy As Your Trusted Orchard Cms Development Company:

  • On-time project reporting and delivery
  • Pre-planned development methodology
  • Over 5 years of experience in the web industry
  • Global delivery model
  • Groundbreaking & latest tools and technology
  • Proficiency in code reusability
  • Adherence to even the most stringent coding guidelines
  • We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Orchard, HTML5, XHTML, AJAX, MVC

Orchard CMS unquestionably present valuable options to the business owners of today. At Bacancy, we clearly understand that how can we make use of these options to turn into a world of possibilities for your organization. So, if you are looking to hire an Orchard CMS development service that is enormously skillful in dealing with all the nitty-gritties, then consider Bacancy as your one stop solution partner. We are a team of dedicated Orchard specialists who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to develop customized application that can help you to meet advanced business goals.