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Services Our Data Scientists Offer

At Bacancy, We have a pool of data science engineers experienced in dealing with challenges posed by the Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity of data. Hire data scientists to develop a strategy aligning with your business needs.

Hire data scientist to review your existing data architecture, analyze data sources, and explore data lakes. They will guide you to choose the best platform for managing data architecture, adopting the best data pipeline building process, viable options to clean/process/transform data, and derive value out of your data.

We have data science experts with comprehensive data collection experience. They are trained and highly skilled in sifting through any type and amount of data. Hire data science developers with extensive web research and skills in using advanced technologies and tools to collect voluminous data necessary for delivering valuable insights.

Hire a data scientist to perform data preprocessing, as it plays a vital role in training machine learning models. Our senior data scientists will perform data quality assessments to eradicate mismatched data types and will clean the data of anomalies. Besides, they will remove noise, reduce data volume, and transform the data completely.

Data modeling is the sole of data management, and we have a team of Data architects who can visually represent data sets and their context for your business. Rent a data scientist to build conceptual, logical, and physical data models using precise tools and appropriate data modeling techniques.

Hire top data scientists from us who can help you build data warehouses using the Kimball approach, Inmon method, Data Vault modeling, or CDP/DMP approach if you are in Adtech. Our data scientists will create layers such as OLTP and ODS to set up the data warehouse infrastructure in the cloud or on-premise.

Using our data visualization skills, we will help you transform complex data insights into a visually appealing form. Our data scientists are data visualization experts. Hire Full-time data scientists who will make it easier for you to communicate with the data-driven findings and easily find patterns, relationships, trends, and outliers in large data sets.

Data training is an essential aspect of data science that requires experienced and highly skilled data scientists. We will use initial data for training ML models so they can create and refine their rules. Our data scientists adopt humans in a loop approach and leverage labeled and unlabeled data to initiate supervised, unsupervised, and hybrid learning models.

You need experience and skills to build and deploy a machine learning model. Hire the best data science developer from us that can build Classification, Clustering, Natural Language Processing, and Forecasting Machine learning models that can learn, grow, adapt, and develop themselves. Besides, they train and deploy these models to deliver anticipated results.

After ML model deployment, our data scientists will instantly detect anomalies and resolve them. They will identify underperforming subsegments and evaluate every valuable metric for measuring the performance of the ML Algorithm. Find data science experts from us who are skilled at using the correct hyperparameters to tune the ML model to get satisfactory performance from the ML model.

Our experienced data science developers boost dominating statistical skills. They will create a statistical model to analyze the datasets for detailed insight interpretation. Hire offshore data scientists from us to build statistical models that can identify relationships between variables, foresee patterns or trends in data, make predictions, and visualize data in easy to understand way.

Hire Data Scientist for Additional Data Science Services

Responsibility, Authenticity, and Accountability are the three virtues practiced by every data scientist at Bacancy. Hire Data Science developer with an expanded skill set and leverage our additional data science services.

Data preprocessing

Data investigation and cleansing

Data migration

Data labeling

Data annotation

Data conversion

Data interpretation

Data mining

Data discovery

Data transformation

Data aggregation

Data storage

Data integration

Data analysis

Model creation

Model Optimization

Methods and Tools Used by Our Dedicated Data Scientists

Statistical Programming Methods

Statistical Programming Methods

SPSS Statistics | RStudio | JMP | Minitab Statistical Software | eviews | OriginPro | Stata | Base SAS | TIMi | SuiteOrange | GraphPad Prism | Stat Graphics | XLSTAT | Wolfram Mathematica

Supervised Learning Algorithms

Supervised Learning Algorithms

Regression | Logistic Regression | Classification | Naive Bayes Classifiers | Decision Trees | Linear Regression | Ridge & Lasso Regression | KNN | Random Forest | Ada-Boost | Logistic Regression | Support Vector Machines | Gradient Boosting | XGBoost

Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

Clustering | Hierarchical clustering | Probabilistic Clustering | K-means clustering | K-NN | Principal Component Analysis | Singular Value Decomposition | Independent Component Analysis | Stochastic Gradient | Apriori Algorithm | Isolation Forest | Affinity Propagation

Neural Networks

Neural Networks

LSTM and GRU | Autoencoders | Generative adversarial networks | Deep Q-network (DQN) | Bayesian Deep Learning

Advanced Tech Stack Our Data Scientists Use

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business

Languages PythonPython 3TypeScriptSQLC++JavaScriptC#CoffeeScriptJuliaRJavaScalaSwiftGOBash
Database SolarwindsDatadogAquafoldSentryOneNavicatSQLRazorSQL My SQLTeamDeskTablePlusSequelProKnackOracle RDBMS FileMakerClounchbase
Libraries NumpyPandasMatplotlib
Web Scraping Bright DataApifyOxylabsZenscrapeScraper APIScrapestackScrapingbeeSCRAPEOWLAgentyImport.ioNutchWatir.CelerityUIPathDiffbotMozenda
Data Analytics & Visualization DatapineR-StudioPythonMy SQLSASErwinTalendJenkinsApache SparkMicrosoft ExcelRapidMinerOpenRefineHighChartsPower BITableauQlikSisenseRedashJupyter NotebookChartioLookerDomo
Machine Learning TensorFlowIBM Watson StudioAmazon LexMicrosoft Azure MachineLearningOpenNNAuto-WEKADatawrapperGoogle Cloud AutoMLAmazon Machine LearningMLJARTableauPyTorchApache MahoutKerasShogunRapidMinerNeural DesignerScikit-learnKNIMESpell
Reporting Zoho AnalyticsHubSpot Marketing AnalyticsIntegrate.ioFineReportQuery.meAnswer RocketSAP Crystal ReportsIzenda ReportsDBxtraDatadogBIRTKNIMEGoodDataPhocasMicrosoft Power BIWhatagraphOribiJuicebox
PM Tools JiraTrelloSlackAsanaAzure DevOpsHubstaff Tasks
Communication Tools SlackHangout
Meeting Google MeetZoomGotoMeeting

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Our Amazing Customer Success Stories

Over the past 6+ years, Check out the work our dedicated Data Scientists have done for our valuable clients to solve real-life problems and help them overcome start-up challenges.

Customer Segmentation
Customer Segmentation


Customer Segmentation

Core Technologies - Python | PowerBI | JupyterNotebook

Our client was interested in running targeted marketing campaigns by segmenting them into different homogenous groups. We used the customer database to get the RFM values and, with a customized SQL query, pulled the data to a CSV file for RFM analysis in Python. Using the Jupyter Notebook, we did EDA and calculated the RFM values.

Video Transcript Summarization
Video Transcript Summarization


Video Transcript Summarization

Core Technologies - Python | NLP | Flask

We developed an NLP model to create a YouTube video summary and generate QnA for a Europe-based educational institution. To ensure the YouTube transcript summary matches the user-defined length, we used both - Extractive and Abstractive summarization techniques. For the QnA generation, we used BART.

Category Prediction
Category Prediction


Category Prediction

Core Technologies - Python | NLP | Rasa | Flask | MatPlotLib

We were asked to develop a company category prediction for one of our valuable clients based in the USA. To work upon their request, our Data science developers used an additive model- boosted tree regression (BRT) model, which uses decision trees to learn and predict the category of the company by fetching and analyzing the metatags from the company website's homepage. About the results we brought, the working accuracy score of the company category prediction model was 70%.

Top Industries Hire Data Science Developer From Us

Why Hire Data Scientist from Bacancy?

We at bacancy have a team of the best data scientist for hire specifically trained in interconnected technologies and data management. With experience and passion, our data science consultants have acquired invaluable skills in data science and data science-related architecture.

If you are concerned about where to hire freelance data scientists/offshore data scientists, you are at the right place. We let you hire data science developer or team from us who all have faced a rigorous interview process and proved their core competencies to solve the toughest data challenges for you.

Why Hire Data Scientist from Bacancy?

Benefits of Hiring Data Scientists From Bacancy:

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Profound Technical Knowledge
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  • Cost-Effective
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Agile Development Process
  • Source Code Authorization
  • No contract lock-ins
Hire Data Scientist

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

To hire a data scientist from us you need to contact us via email, or phone, or just fill out the contact form by giving valid details. You can chat with us online or schedule a meeting with our account managers to discuss your requirements and speak with our data scientists.

Hiring a first data scientist is infinitely more challenging compared to hiring a software developer. It is better to reach out to an offshore development company like Bacancy having a pool of talented and experienced data scientists. Bacancy first analyzes your requirements and provides you with the most suitable candidates suiting your exact requirements or business needs.

Yes! At Bacancy the process to hire the best data scientists begins long before the interview process. We have a systematic approach in place so you can properly identify potentially skilled candidates and streamline the hiring process only after the initial screening of profiles.

No! We have different engagement models allowing you to hire as low as single data scientists and as high as a team of data scientists as per your requirement.

Yes, absolutely. You can access profiles of our candidates once you decide to hire data scientists from us. After analyzing them their experience, skills, portfolios, recommendations, etc. You can shortlist and have one-to-one interviews with them to find the best data scientist suiting your business requirements.

We have certified and skilled data scientists holding expertise in different programming languages, frameworks, databases, libraries, and tools. For more information, you can view the entire technology stack presented above.

Yes, we do. We sign NDA with all of our clients ensuring 100% transparency, confidentiality, and privacy with strict implementation rules.