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Our Combat-Proven Backend Tech-Stack Prowess To Ace Competition

Being an established fullstack development company, we have built our reputation to make enterprise-grade solutions that best suit our customers' needs. We offer sturdy backend development with our mastery in the following backend technologies.

Earnest Backend Development Services To Develop Crowd-puller Application

Bacancy’s backend services for app development are designed to provide a significant contribution to the success of your product/solution. Holding a team of 200+ expert backend engineers, we aim to build powerful backend solutions.

Database Development Service

We ensure that you fetch the churned and abstracted information from your complex data structures, bringing exemplary output when applied in your enterprise solutions. Our backend developers are adept with the following databases and their management- MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, SQLite, Postgre SQL, and more.

API integration & Programming

Our team of backend developers implements API programming for smooth third-party integrations. Your users can also receive a seamless integration between the current backend and the legacy application without a hitch.

Server-side Scripting

Our backend development team ensures that each of your project servers is efficient, fast, and satisfying the current project needs. Holding knowledge of the latest technologies and tools, we aim to offer risk-free and error-free server scripting services.

Application Re-engineering Service

Get in touch with our backend programmers to obtain the most efficient cutting-edge re-engineering processes to restore processes, views, and screens. Our backend web developers make sure to use the current processes of applications thus customizing them.

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Your Success Is Guaranteed !

We accelerate the release of digital products and guarantee your success

We Use Slack, Jira & GitHub for Accurate Deployment and Effective Communication.

Technical Expertise of our Back-End Developer

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business

Frameworks LaravelRuby on RailsPythonJava.NET.NET CoreGolangNode.JS
Libraries ReactJSChartJSAnimeJS(Animation)JQueryD3JS
Server DigitalOceanHeroku
Cloud AWSAzureGoogle Cloud
Database MongoDBPostgreSQLMySQL
DevOps ApacheAntXcodeFastlaneGantGradleMavenAnsibleChef PuppetTeamCityCircleciHudsonJenkinsBuildtAppsGit HawlettSonarqubeSubversionApptestTravisCi
Version Control GitHub BitBucketGitLab
PM tools Jira TrelloSlackAsanaAzure DevOpsHubstaff Tasks
PM tools JiraTrelloSlackAsanaAzure DevOpsHubstaff Tasks
Communication Tools SlackMicrosoft TeamHangout
Meeting Google MeetZoomGoToMeeting
Deployment process CI/CD
AI Tools Github Co-PilotChatGPT

How to Hire Backend Developer from Bacancy?

Reach out to us and hire dedicated backend developers at your convenience. To hire us today,

Backend Developer

Drop-In Your Project Requirements

If you have a project in mind, write it to us or fill out our form. Precision is the key. Our team analyzes your requirements and shares what your project will hold. Based on the accurate information, we offer estimates of resources, tech stacks, time, etc.

Know Our Experts

Screen our experts and choose your perfect match that caters to your requirements.

Seal The Deal

We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) along with other documents to provide a shield to your potential business data and ideas.

Begin With Development

Bring your product to the market faster than the traditional route. Our team allows you to hire the finest quality Back-end developer with the expertise and skills required to build a brilliant future-proof Back-end solution.

Hire Back-end Developer From Bacancy To Build Robust Application That Scales Beyond Your Vision

When it comes to backend development, your product deserves robustness and security. Bacancy is a top-notch backend development company that provides reliable architecture support and ensures high-performance applications. Our motivated backend engineers are skilled with the expertise of scalable backend technologies and are experienced in gauging the potential of your enterprise applications.

We have received the highest pinnacle of backend strength as we proudly present our backend tech-stack by glorifying and complementary backend languages such as Ruby on Rails, Golang, ExpressJS, Laravel, and more. Holding a power-packed 200+ backend development team, we are your savior destination to hand over your backend web development struggles.

Back-end Developer

Leverage Our Below Benefits:

  • Flexible engagement models
  • 100% source code authorization
  • Premium code quality with accuracy
  • Skilled and experienced front-end development team
  • Adherence to the project timeline
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Work at your time zone
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let’s talk

Back-end developers are the heart of the development teams. A Backend software developer manages and develops the whole of the backend job, including application, business logic, database, servers, etc. They hold excellent knowledge of complicated backend programming languages along with the latest technologies that are required to build a robust backend.

Typically a front-end developer looks after the development of the Front-end, i.e, what a user engages with and sees in an application. In contrast, a Back-end developer is responsible for developing the spine of the application. This includes the complexities of server-side programming, database, API integration, etc.

You should hire dedicated developers only because they

  • Create and handle effective workflows for teams having workload
  • Deliver excellent timeline management and code quality
  • Monitor and facilitate communication between developers, stakeholders, testing teams, project managers, etc.
  • Provide the ideal solution as per your system requirements

The backend app development cost depends on a range of factors. This includes a developer's skills, experience, project demand, and length of the project. Considering all the aspects, we offer a straightforward and clear (non-hidden) backend developer for hire rate- $23 - $40/hour.

Our backend developers hold deep expertise and experienced knowledge of server-side programming languages. Although there are a pool of languages available at Bacancy, some include Go, Ruby, PHP, Java, NodeJS, MongoDB, Python, etc. Additionally, we follow the Agile software development process, which keeps you in a win-win situation as you are always on the same page with our developers, and your feedback is constantly sought.

You can find the best and cost-effective back end developer at Bacancy Technology. You can hire our developers at competitive rates, i.e, $23 - $40 per hour.