Want To Develop Your Own AR Game Like Pokemon Go

After the successful implementation of Snapchat Augmented Reality solutions, the new trend setter in mobile gaming application is Pokémon Go. It is an augmented reality based mobile application game developed by Niantic Labs and Nintendo. This game is phenomenon and it is bigger than you might be possibly wondering.

Pokemon Go is an AR solution based game app for smartphones, which has cute Nintendo characters like, Squirtle and Pikachu. This game has quickly become one of the top grossing application just days after its release. This insanely popular game has 4.3 million (iOS) + 5.25 million (Android) = 9.55 million total daily U.S. users less than a week of its release. According to data gathered by online survey company SurveyMonkey, Pokémon Go is the largest mobile game in U.S. history. Pokémon Go is now only available in the U.S.A, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why You Should Too Create Your Own AR Solution Based Gaming App Like Pokemom Go

So, you too want to develop your own gaming application like Pokémon Go with such similar concept and wondering why? First of all, let me tell you that you have landed on the right page, we have expertise to develop an application like Pokemon Go as we have skillful augmented reality developer/team.

Games like Pokemon Go is a combination of Augmented Reality, Gamification and Geoinformatics. Read the listed below points to comprehend that why you should create your own augmented reality-based gaming application.

Bring Augmented Reality Into The Mainstream

It’s a GPS-dependent game that lets you create an avatar that can catch, train, trade and battle Pokémon characters inside the game, It’s what’s known as an augmented reality game. Means the game application tracks the player’s location, let them find each other and also catch them in real time, it can be right outside a subway stop or neighborhood coffee shop.

So, creating your application real-time environment app, will fascinate your users and will appeal more user to download and play such game.

Gaming Application Is A Handy Option Than Overpriced Devices

Instead of buying some overpriced gaming device, creating an application with a view of the real world experience is a brilliant move. This is a completely innovative experience that fits into what most phone users know and are actually comfortable with. Creating an application is an impulse decision that will for sure appeal broad user base, rather than catering to a hardcore gaming group.

Novel Technology

Let the player be an actual part of the game. By creating an augmented reality and incorporating local landmarks in your gaming world let the player part of the game as it’s real. This novel is not only interesting, but its Incredibly realistic way to let your users leverage the advantages of novel technology.

GPS Is A Rising Trend In Modern Apps

Such apps make use of the phone’s GPS as the latest modern trend and earlier, GPS has been implemented many times. Tinder the dating application, revolutionized the world by showing profiles of nearby users. Whisper is also becoming a popular app that is based on users only seeing content around them. GPS model has been tried in mobile games as well, but combination of Gamification, Geoinformatics and augmented reality will for sure bring into the “mainstream”.

Games Like Pokemon GO Offers Exercise, Which Most Games Don’t

While playing the game, you are literally forced to take a walk and go out, because it’s a GPS base augmented reality gaming application. Along with the health benefits the gameplay even better by relaxing walk.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Pokemon Go?

Whenever it comes to developing an application, a question how much will it cost to build will surely be asked. And it is widely depends on the features along with functionality that you would like to be included in the app. The cost of an AR Game Like Pokemon Go app can only be calculated according to the functionality of the application. Its completely novel concept to implement and if you wish to develop an application like Pokemon Go it would cost you 12 to 14k USD$ from scratch to end.


There are probably lots of other reasons why you should develop your own gaming application like Pokemon Go. If you are looking into creating an AR solution based gaming app, then you should definitely look for Augmented reality developers from Bacancy Technology to get it done right and ensure that you are developing an effective, engaging, and innovative augmented reality based gaming app. Mail us your requirement and details at and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

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